Ask me anything about THE VANISHING

I want to warm people up to reading the first draft of THE VANISHING on Wattpad and any other platform I may publish this on. And was wondering if you guys have any questions about the story?

Of course, I will avoid talking about spoilers and will let you know when your question reaches spoiler territory. But have fun and get to know the characters and the story !

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If your characters had a patron animal, what kind of animals would they be.

Good question!
Luna would be a bird. Because birds can fly. They’re free.
Vincent would definitely be a wolf. Although wolves are pack animals, they can also be rogue and that makes them dangerous.
Ember would be cheetah. They’re fast and somehow cute?
Kenji would be a pen. He doesn’t believe in spirit animals. He rather tells the stories that need to be told.

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Kenji could be a bird whose feathers are used to make writing quills.

Would Luna be a songbird like a robin, sparrow, bluebird, or starling, or a bird of prey?

She would be a Sparrow.

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Is that because Sparrows are always able to find their way home? Does that tie in with Luna’s motivations?

In that case, it would be more like this: “A time of peacefulness after a disaster or loss”. Since she does solve a mystery and there is a great loss and/or disaster that takes place. Maybe not in apocalyptic proportions but a disaster nonetheless.

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