Ask My Character Anything, please?

I got this idea from @theTigerWriter and @48lexR by the way, so credit to them both

In a bid to keep my momentum going, I invite you to come and ask my character, Max anything! (As yourself, or another character or both. I don’t mind). I’ll just post a few details about him here, and you can reply.

Just make sure that you don’t break the Code of Conduct, which is linked here, thanks.

Max Rivera

Max is one of my favorite characters from Angel Falls and is a long-time character. He’s fairly developed at this stage, and I enjoy writing about him (or roleplaying as him).


Max was born on 26th November 1993, and is the youngest child from his family. He has a twin brother, Mac, who was born fifteen minutes earlier, and an older brother, Felipe who is 32. Max’s best friends are Teo (with whom he has an on-off romantic relationship), Rafi (his long time best friend of 14 years), and Julio (who he had to take on as an apprentice and hasn’t pissed off since gets on well with :slight_smile: )

His parents are divorced (his Dad Max Sr. lives in Oakland) and he still lives with his Mama, Yelena as he’s single and they get on well. They’re very close to each other. He also enjoys walking his Uncle Dory’s dog, Chico (which coincidentally is his nickname, being the youngest in the family), and getting life advice from another Uncle, Ricky.


Max stands at 5 feet 7, is of a slim but muscular build, and has a dark buzzcut. He also has a beard and dark brown eyes. His skin is tanned, and he frequently saves up to whiten his teeth. He usually wears t-shirts, khaki shorts, and vest tops due to Angel Falls warn environment. He will wear jeans in the winter, and a shirt/jacket/boots to dress up.


Max is a very assertive, self-confident person. He isn’t the most social, but once he warms up to you, he will be less closed-off. He is a focused problem solver, and pragmatic. He is a bit bullish but means well. He can be stubborn and very strong-willed at times. Has been known to be aggressive and impulsive, especially when drunk. He also cares a great deal about his loved ones and likes to protect them. He is friendly to those close to him. Likes to be alone, but can socialize if forced to there’s a party or meeting at his mechanics. Is also a bit bitter and sassy at times.


Max loves steak and Cheetos. Once he made a Cheeto sauce to go with his steak and cheese sandwich. He enjoys fixing cars and bikes in his free time, and also bakes from time to time. He likes to socialize at Otto’s bar and play pool. He also enjoys going to the gym and working out at the local part. Is a former High School Freestyle Wrestling Champion.

This is a bit of a spoiler to the story, so I blurred it (you can still check it out if you want to): Max is also bisexual and transgender. When he was younger, he thought that he was a lesbian, but he discovered that he also liked guys, before he started transitioning at 21. He has dated both genders, and his longest relationship has been with Teo, which has been just over a year and a half (not counting the previous two attempts!)


Since it’s to do with some of the spoilers:

What breaks down Max’s self-identity the fastest?

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Do you mean ‘what makes him break down the fastest?’ related to his identity, or ‘how to break down his identity the fast when explaining it’? I don’t understand the question here good. Might just be me :flushed:

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The first one. If I put it in the terms most often used, it would be seen as bigoted. Lol


He hates it when people call him ‘Maxine’ for a joke. It reminds him of growing up, feeling uncomfortable, and his rocky relationship with his Dad. One summer, his Dad got really mad at him when he caught him kissing a girl in their front yard aged 14. He got punished and was told that he could never see the girl again.

Max also got told off when he was in High School for being a bit of a peeping Tom (unintentionally) walking from P.E class once. Someone caught his attention and he got carried away. Anything that reminds him of his past being female is hard for him to stomach, in terms of names and things that trigger his memories.

His Dad also refused to acknowledge him as ‘Max’ and his Son. He didn’t accept Max growing up and coming out twice. He wanted his family and kids to be normal (in his eyes) but that never happened. That Genesis song ‘No Son of Mine’ triggers him badly for obvious reasons.

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Ok, that is a bit traditional a reaction to all of that. Is Max going to overcome some of that or is this going to remain static triggers?


Max clearly has Daddy issues. He wants to go and visit his Dad in Oakland and try to reconcile with him and reason with him. He is also trying to get over the song thing. It’s gonna be hard if Senior rejects him again.

(Blurred 'cause it might end up as a spoiler lol).

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I expect so. It’s a dynamic issue.


Yeah, it definitely is.

Yelena accepts him a lot more easily and I think that has to do with the fact that she is a lot more open-minded than Senior, and she physically had Max and feels that connection to him, and is concerned with his wellbeing in that way.

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What was the hardest part of transitioning for Max? How did he pull through?

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Considering that this is Angel Falls, how well does he deal with supernatural phenomena when it’s hard to escape.

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The acceptance part. He didn’t want everyone to know that he was transitioning when he did it because of his past, and wanting a clean slate and also because of his new job. Domingo, his boss would not accept him if he knew. And also who to trust in telling his secrets too. He has been burned in the past, and has also has trust issues because of it.

He deals with it quite well. Ricky has been teaching him how to cope. And Julio as well, since you know he is kinda supernatural lol. He has met Lu in the club in the past and they have gotten on well.

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Has max ever been abroad and if not would he ever go abroad? If max could stay anywhere where would he stay? What’s the furthest max has been from home? What’s max’s favorite vacation? (If you couldn’t tell I love travel lol)

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He has been to Honduras once before to visit relatives when he was a teenager. And he would definitely go back if he had the time and money.

Honestly? He likes the sound of going to Miami for a month and exploring Puerto Rico and Cuba too.


Aside from Honduras? Going to Coconut Heights and the beach for vacation.

(It’s fine haha I like it too)