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@CJtheSiteWizard Hey there, so we talk about the forum tag limit before, and I was content with the group tag for most of time, but for a certain post, I would rather tag everyone individually. This is for something like an attribution and honor for everyone, so it would be more appropriate and more appreciative if I can take my time to reward everyone one by one.

Here’s an example of the post that I was going to make:

(This link will direct you to the winner of the game, just scroll down to read them all)

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, that will not be possible. I understand that you want to make something special for the players, but we have to prioritize the overall safety of our forums over a one-use case. Your best bet would be to continue using these awesome blog posts, I’m sure the players will appreciate it just as much!

Mari :coolpineapple:


We would rather post this on the forum rather than on the blog, and we would rather post this on the forum without tagging anyone rather than posting on the blog. No one would get the notification on the blog, and that place is not for socializing, as it’s instead just an archive.

Still, the tagging limitation is intended to prevent spam, am I correct? Then I don’t think it would change much if you just bump up the limit to 15 because that’s more enough for me to get everyone included, for now, at least. Beside, I only do this kind of post once every few months, so if you cannot permanently bump the limit, then try bumping it up for a day, and see if anything changed. Might be also a good experiment for the mods to see if your system is effective or not.

You could use the group tag when sharing the blog post link on the thread :slight_smile:

We do not personalize rules. Once made, they apply equally to the general forum population.

The system is effective in minimizing spam, which is our biggest concern on a forum with over 700 users. As you know, we are more than happy to listen to our members’ feedback, but please understand that matters of general forum safety are non-negotiable. That will be our final stance on the topic.

Have a great day,
Mari :coolpineapple:


Hi, I have a question about sharing bits of your own writing and having someone rate it, or, getting feedback on just a paragraph instead of a whole chapter.

On Wattpad forums I remember there used to be many “share your…and rate” threads, but since moving here, I hardly see them. Personally, I don’t think I have the patience (?) to set one up. It’s a lot of responsibility to keep one going. One, meaning share your paragraph and rate the one above. Or share your first line, share dialogue, share two paragraphs, share funny paragraph, etc. If you set one up, you are kind of bound to that thread until it falls. Same goes for “share your cover and rate the one above” threads.

Anyway, since I don’t see any, I was wondering if that kind of content sharing is somehow banned? Or is it just that people don’t want that responsibility?

In the case that we are not allowed to set up such threads, or just no one wants to do them, if we want feedback on just a paragraph of our work, where can we post that?


Hello there! Thanks for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face:

No, sharing short excerpts from your story is not banned, if fact, we encourage our members to work on their writing right here on the forums with their peers! There just haven’t been many of those types of “rate the ___ above” threads, but they are most definitely not banned!

You can do that in #writing-improvement! We’ve had quite a few people share bits and pieces of their stories, or entire scenes, in order to workshop them with fellow WackyWriters :blush: A good rule-of-thumb, though, is to not share overlong excerpts and to be very specific about what you need help with so that other users know what they’re getting into.

For more details, here is the relevant segment from the Code of Conduct:

Mari :coolpineapple:


Not a question, but I do wanna thank you all for the good work you do. You really are a website that cares about its userbase, and you’re a fair team. You constantly reach out to us and make sure everything’s gucci, which is great. You actually listen to us, you take our opinions on board and are patient. Oh yeah, you also make good friends and have good banter.

So, please never change. Keep up the good work and stay awesome.


Omfg that is so sweet of you, thank you so much!!! That really means a lot, because we’re a fairly small – but very dedicated! – team of volunteers, whose only ‘playback’ for doing this is seeing y’all thrive on a happy, healthy, safe and inclusive forum! So thanks for taking the time to write this out, please know it’s very much appreciated!

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Thank you so much for clearing that up! :smile: Really helps :blush:

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Can I post lyrics here? Like in the chatter forum or something. If not it’s fine I was just curious.

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Sure, feel free to make a post in chatters and put the lyrics there. Be sure to give some context, though, so other people aren’t confused when they look at your thread. I hope you’ll get the feedback you’re looking for!



Thanks! Okay follow up…if I wanted to post multiple lyrics, should I just put them all in one thread or make separate threads spaced out by a few days or a week or something?

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If you can, try to put them in one thread to avoid clutter. You can reserve a post or put a space in your first post to link to the different lyrics in your thread.


Ah, how do you do those things? I’ve never tried to link to another post in the same thread.

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'Ere, let me show you an example.

[Look at this post here!](
[And this one here too](
[Or this thread's first post](

Look at this post here!
And this one here too
Or this thread’s first post

Basically, how it works, is you put the text that will be hyperlinked [in here], and then you put the link (in here) right up against the text box. That way it’ll link. This works with off-forums links as well


Neat! I’ve always wondered how people do that hehe. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Just a quick question! what are the heights of the profile header and user card background?

Good question! We’ll have to double check so someone will answer this when we’re done confirming.

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Alright, thank you!

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Oh thank you!