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There is a way for you to save any thread you want. Just go to the thread you want to save on a desktop/laptop. Then click ctrl + P as if you were printing it. From there, you can check the preview before you save it as a pdf to the device you’re on. For long threads, you’ll need to do it section by section. Shoot me a private message for more help.


We only have two situations in which we keep threads open indefinitely:

  1. General resource threads in their respective categories that can be utilized by anyone (coding resources, writing resources, etc.)
  2. Personal Threads

In addition to this, we are also doing our best to efficiently save data on the forums due to a limited amount of space. You are free to archive it yourself, though.

This is our final stance on this.

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I never thought on saving it as PDF! You’re saving my life! :open_mouth:

We can save our threads ourselves, but we’re asking for other possibilities too. Beside, EBG only create one thread, once every few months, so I doubt that we will eat that much space.

What does it means by “personal threads” though?

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As we have stated already, we cannot make exceptions to this rule. If we start making exceptions for you, we will have to make exceptions for others. We understand that you want to have more options, but we cannot make exceptions.

Personal threads go in the #personal-threads category. It’s a new category we had set up. If you like to find out more about it, here’s a link to the category-specific rules and the category description.

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I understand that the rules existed for reasons and I’m not asking to be an exception either.

So, is it possible to move our threads to the personal threads category if we request the mods? We only want to keep them as an archive of information and memorial purpose.

What you are asking for is, in fact, an exception which cannot be granted. Our rules apply equally to everyone on the forum and that is non-negotiable.

I encourage you to review the rules for the Personal Threads category once again. Specifically:

Roleplay threads of any kind do not qualify as ‘personal threads’.

You have already been provided with a solution on how to archive your threads yourself and you are more than welcome to use it, but please understand that this is our final decision on this topic. We cannot cater to individual one-use cases, since we have the greater good of the forums as a whole to bear in mind.

Have a great day,
Mari :coolpineapple:


This is a big trouble… :fearful: I thought that the gaming section has a week of closing schedule, but seems like I was wrong, and now my thread get closed and it vanished…

Is there’s a way to recover this? There’s a lot of VERY important resource in there that are yet to be archived, and many people are in panic because we can’t access them anymore.

(Link to the thread)

We’ll look into it.

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Any progress yet?


We will give you 48 hours to archive everything. After 48 hours are up, we will sink your thread again and you will not have access to it.

— Ink :inkcatdragon:

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Thank you so much for the help and we’re deeply grateful! :pray:

May I ask though? Why threads get sinked after they get closed? I understand that inactive threads need to be closed, but what purpose do sinking threads gave?

To precent cluttered categories and so I can run server-side cleanup and free up space by deleting images and other resource intensive content that are unnecessary after the threads are closed.

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Okay that’s understandable and reasonable… :thinking:

In regarding to the thread closure, last time, I heard that the roleplay section didn’t have a deadline, so I was pretty surprised that my thread get closed after just two days. Is the forum always set to close them after two days, or the deadline just been implemented recently?

Ahhhh okay thanks for informing us! :slight_smile:

s there anywhere I could advertise a project that’s focus is discovering and commenting on undiscovered books/books by new authors? My community account has a book up whose purpose is that. It’s not exactly a club, but more like… i guess like an initiative maybe?

What kind of advertisement would it be? Like a general recruiting people type situation or looking for books?

Mostly just making people aware of its existence. People can “sign up” so that I can tag them weekly to remind them as well as have a chance of us featuring their books for others to see and choose to read if they want, but it’s more of a thing for people to come to and discover/read/“raid” books.

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I think you can make a Literary Roundtable thread by the way you’re describing it.

Got it! Thank you :smiley:

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No problem!