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I upped it to 100, so you shouldn’t hit that limit again I don’t think. :joy:


Thanks! :smiley: I definitely won’t be able to hit 100 in a day :joy:


Heyho wonderful team :cowboy_hat_face: I have a question. I was going to make a thread about if anyone here has Snapchat, but thought maybe there is a thread already made by someone. I don’t know! :monkey: If there is one, may I have the link of that thread where users share their social media or should I make one thread for it?
Thanks :blush:

I don’t think there is one, but feel free to make one in the Wacky Classifieds category!


Thanks, I will do so. :smiley_cat:

Good day to the mod team and thanks for all the hard work to help the community! :slight_smile:

So I got a really important question regarding the Code of Conduct here:

2.L.v Violent Content

Violent or gory content intended to shock or disgust users, or content encouraging others to commit violent acts is not allowed on Wacky Writers.

I decide to check the rules because I was afraid about our next event… :fearful:

You see, our stories are typically fantasy, or science fiction, mostly about magic and paranormal, sometimes also about machines and even aliens, among many possible subjects. However, among dozens of stories that we make, the next one is survival horror.

EBG players might not be stranger to action genre with epic battles and all, but I was concerned about horror story. Sure, I doubt that anyone would have problems with us chatting about the Slenderman going after Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, or something like that, but this round got a lot of creepy stuff. Sure the content was never meant to shock or disgust peoples, but many of them are still nightmare fuel at their heart.

Could they potentially cause troubles? I mean, I doubt that any of our characters are going to be that horrible, but the imagery and description of the story, is still, a horror game anyway.

EDIT: In case it’s necessary, I can blur them and gave everyone a fair warning first.


I would say it depends on how graphic you expect it all to become. You have to keep in mind that this is still a PG-13 forum, so topics have to be age-appropriate. Alternatively, this round could be moved into the 18+ #adult-den:xx-games-roleplay category, which has this addition to the Code of Conduct:

The #adult-den is obviously only open to forum users who are 18+, so if you have any underage players, they would have to sit this one out.

To sum up, you can either
A) keep it PG-13 and carry on with business as usual or
B) switch over to the #adult-den, but only with the players who are over 18 years of age.

Blur + content warning counts as a best practice, regardless.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tips and we’ll consider this out! :slight_smile:

All of our players are 18+ so we can just move this to the adult den. Our content never glorify violence or meant to incite harm. The current story of the month is just happened to be horror, and everyone know that horror stories, may they books or movies, often marked for adult. However, it’s totally possible for us to keep our game appropriate to the public by avoiding gory content, or blur anything that might be disturbing, then add a trigger warning at the start of the post. I hope that would help.

In case we do need to go to the adult den, should everyone submit their request to access the category immediately? I know that all of our members are adults, but I heard that peoples can only enter the adult den after they confirm their age. How long is it for the approval?


Yes, this would help us keep track of who was added and who wasn’t.

It shouldn’t take long, depends on who’s around. It’s just a matter of adding folks to a group, shouldn’t take long.


Most of the time requests are taken care of within a few minutes of submission.


Thanks and we’ll be there soon! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Before we decide to move to the adult den though, should I try to talk about our content with the mod team to find out whether it’s still possible for us to play the game without moving?

Because EBG is not exactly roleplay, and more like an interactive writing game where people can submit their characters to our stories, then no one need to worry about us causing violence upon anyone. The story just happened to be strongly based on horror, but our focus is not to scare or shock anyone anyway, and none of the event corelate to the real world anyway. Specifically on the current story, we’re dealing with paranormal activities that includes hostile supernatural beings, not just vampires and werewolves, but also zombies and many more demonic entities. Just imagine that an evil force is invading the world, destroying the cities with legions of monsters, and everyone’s nightmare become reality. I’m confident that the story would be appropriate for the public, unless that there would be many creepy scary stuff there, so I think we can just blur any of the disturbing parts?

Additionally, EBG primarily aim for teenage, so even if there’s any violent content there, we would never go for hardcore gore like in adult movies. Our content is mostly like action video games.


I think as long as you’re not posting pictures of ripped apart corpses or anything like that you’re probably fine. We’ve got plenty of paranormal and a few horror writers around. When in doubt, I’d blur anything that may be considered disturbing, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything content-wise in your threads that’s been too over the top for our content rules.


Oh nobody wanna see ripped corpses, so I think we’re good then! :joy:

EBG never got any content that may clash against the content guideline. It’s just that we’re talking about something highly inspired by Lovecraftian horror for most of the part, so there’s always a chance that our characters going to encounter some really terrible monstrosities.

But of course, most of our content are totally okay for the public. For a little test, here, I will post some examples of pics for the upcoming events, just to be sure that I do this right?

Images that should be okay without any blur or warning

Images that most likely need to be blurred or given warning
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Yep, that looks about right :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help! We’re good to go then! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi! ^^ Last night I was fiddling with the interface and the first one I selected was the Animal Crossing theme. But when tried to change it back to the dark theme, it refreshed but didn’t show the changes. I waited until today (morning) but it’s still the same situation. Is there a certain amount of time I have to wait for before it reverts back?

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No, you just need to make sure you hit the save button at the bottom and that your interface for dark theme matches - that’s what seems to cause theme issues the most. The dark theme settings sometimes interfere with the regular theme display.


Hmm, I’ve tried but still the same…I’m going to try from another browser/device and see if that works~

Which theme are you using wanting to use? I can hop in and make sure it’s working.


The dark theme (thank you in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )

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