Aww, October, a month of spookiness and thrilling fun!

Aside from October being the fall and cozy month and such, It is also Halloween and because of that I’ve decided to start watch some good horror flicks on a streaming app called Tubi or Hulu or even read some horror manga or webtoons.

Is there anyone here watching scary movies this whole or only on Halloween?

Last night, I watched a Japanese horror movie called Signal 100 which was a interesting thing.

So, tell me everyone, are you going to watch some horror flicks this month or not at all?



A movie that I am watching right now is The Void.
My god, I love this movie!
I plan to watch something else, but I do wish I can watch The Ritual, yet I believe that is on Netflix and I don’t have that.

So, I either have to pay or rent it from somewhere and I ain’t do that.

Got any horror movie recommendations that has monstrous foes or something paranormal/otherworldly to let me watch?

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Nipe. My kids are young.

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Not even kiddie horror movies?

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I’ve already been. I’ve been catching up on my movies.

I watched Old by M. Night Shamalan (uh, if you go into it thinking it’ll be horror, you’ll be disappointed. It was more like a thriller suspense and surprisingly about family.)

I also watched this movie called Stephanie which was about this little girl living alone in a house that her parents left her in. There’s some monster after her and weird, creepy things happen around the house. I would say, it was okay.

If you want real good horror: Get Out and Us were good. Those movies are where the real people are horrifying. That’s the real horror.

Insidious series, The Conjuring series, The Annabelle series, The Nun (the Nun was so good. If you like paranormal and creepy and ominous.) I really want to see The Nun II in theaters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s coming to Japan on Friday the 13th :grin:


Probably not.

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Are they going to do some trick or treating, though? Did they get some costumes?

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Yeah m, the girls have costumes. I have to figure out aometbing dor the boy. There’s a safe street to do, that bombarda them with candy.


Awesome. I hope you and kids have fun.
Don’t get too stuff on candy. :grin:


I plan to watch my favorites:

Hotel Transylvania (the whole series)
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Young Frankenstein
Munsters Go Home

And I’m planning to start reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, which is supposed to be scary. Right now I’m reading Gilgamesh the King, which isn’t supposed to be scary, but has already traumatized me in the first chapter. The original king dies, so they dig a big pit for the body, fill it with golden objects, and then all his servants, like 70 of them, drink poison and get buried in the pit with him so that when he wakes up a god in three days he won’t have to do things for himself–he’ll have all his servants to wait on him. What a jerk! (ง︡’-'︠)ง

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Ooh! Hotel Transylvania is a good one!

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I’ve seen the first three of Insidious and I’ve seen the Conjuring.

Haven’t watch Annabelle or The Nun though.

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The spinoffs are just as good :wink: The Nun was awesome.

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hopefully! I started in september this year, I watched Orphan 2 (disappointing), and Smile and Talk to Me (both good) idk what i’m going to watch next. Maybe Skinamarink, and I’d like to watch Alien since i’ve never seen it.

Talk to Me
Coraline (if you want something lighter)
Renfeild is very camp and fun, not super scary imo but there’s a ton of gore (and it’s Dracula-based)

Silent Hill
Resident Evil
(^^^ all classics)

Junji Ito’s Tales of the Macabre is on Netflix rn, that’s anime


Spuse just put on the Halloween soecial of Peanuts.




Yep! I’ll be doing a horror every day. Marathoned the SAW franchise (up to Jigsaw, and haven’t seen X yet), American Mary, Session 9 etc.

I’ve been keeping my letterboxd updated with my 2023 reviews too if you needed any inspiration!! ‎spookykikii’s films • Letterboxd


Can I do some recommending? I like referencing pop culture and I’ve heard of a lot of movies.

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