Based on or inspired by real events from the real world...

In your story, that isn’t historical fiction, is there something that was based or somewhat inspired by real events that happened on earth?

For an example, the Shadowlands in Alagossia are a very exaggerated versions of Chernobyl and Fukushima, mostly Chernobyl.

Do you have things somewhat like my example?

Bonus Question:
1.Is there a fictional country or city or even town based on a real life location in the real world?

My Turn:
Jaeblia is a nation somewhat based on Venice or more so based on that older anime series called Aria: The Animation.

Pretty much the entire nation is watery nation that resembles a bit of Venice or from Aria, Neo-Venice (I think) that is located on Mars.

What about you?


I mean, it isn’t too much like the situation that happened in Chernobyl because it doesn’t follow too strictly to the events.

But in terms of being radioactive, it is an even more extreme version of Chernobyl.

That is pretty much it.

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I have a story that uses two real unsolved mysteries.

  1. Disappearance of the lighthouse keepers. I stumbled upon it when I fell for a clickbait but when I read that article, it just sounded like a writing prompt. So I thought, what would my MC do to investigate this mystery?
  2. To expand that same story, I looked up other unsolved mysteries and found that there’s an area in Vermont called the Bennington Triangle that has a similar reputation to the Bermuda Triangle, people go missing.
    I found an awesome connection between the two mysteries that fit with my universe.

For my current WIP, I decided to place it in the real world in Adirondack Mountains (New York) so I did some research about that region and what the towns look like.
My fictional small mountain town Eidolon Falls is largely inspired by town Jay.

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Bits and pieces of myself goes into a sorts of stories.

Like in The King’s Three Sons the knights knock one of their own unconscious because he’s swelling up in his armor in panic.

My father was a welder who crawls in tight spaces, so he had told us that you swell up when you panic, so panic should cause armor to get too tight, right?

But big events I leave well enough alone unless it’s a real-world story.

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Nothing in The Rat Girl gives a nod to any real events. Thank goodness no evil rat entity has invaded our world.

New Soleil is a fictional state near California. It’s also the stereotype of what I think of when I think about California based on movies.

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My characters are currently exploring the ruins of an ancient city named Aḫ-ḫur, which is inspired by the ruins of Pompeii, but more Mesopotamian instead of Italian.

And instead of the stone casts of Pompeii, the only things left of the people that lived in Aḫ-ḫur are their shadows flash-burned into the walls and ground.

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In my current novel, no. Not really. Actually, now that I think of it, a lot of things I’ve written in previous projects never actually happened. I think the only thing I’ve done was an Easter Egg to something that’s happened to me.

Yes. My entire sci-fi fantasy series takes place on our planet, but there was climate change, wars, and a continental shift, so everything is different. The story does feature places around the world, but the characters reside in a city called Belris which is set somewhere around modern day Algeria, with my main character’s home being somewhere within modern day Egypt.

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Yeah the whole story is based around two main themes that the real world is/ has seen. Relegious fanaticism, corruption from the present, and imperialism from the past - and the build up to democracy in our world, especially inspired by the French revolution and 1830s Europe. But this is only in terms of overarching themes, not events or anything specific.

Yeah, the entire country in my world is based loosely around India and Maharashtra, my home.


I saw the words “somewhat based on Venice” and instantly thought Aria (the manga though, not the anime)… was pleasantly surprised to see it mentioned immediately after. I haven’t met many people who have heard of it.

It’s not a story I’m currently writing, but it is slow-brewing in my Plot Trunk… I’m planning a fantasy retelling of the historical Battle of Bubat (a war between the Majapahit and Sundanese empires back in the 1300 CEs). This war started all because of a betrothal between the two empires, which was later used as an opportunity to force one into submission.

It’s pretty much a Southeast-Asian Romeo and Juliet story; to this day, the more traditional Javanese and Sundanese people (basically descendants of both empires) are forbidden from marrying one another; or, at least, believe it will be bad luck and an ill match.


Same here. :open_mouth:
I don’t hear it mentioned at all either. That is some crazy stuff.

You know what would be interesting to dive into. Like a solarpunk or even steampunk story set in India, which some magical flair.

That would be so amazing if it was done well. OR some epic magical fantasies taken ancient India.

That sounds amazing, right???

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That sounds really interesting! I’m working on something that’s more of low fantasy / character based epic right now, but eventually a full blown epic set in a different indian inspired world is definitely coming.
Steampunk would be really interesting in this setting, and I’d love to read some, but I don’t think I could pull off writing that!

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Yes. We don’t see that often in the stories of others.

How exciting!

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Also, another thing about the Jaeblian Empire is that it isn’t located by the sea. It is located by an ARTIFICIALLY MADE sea.

So, make of that whatever you will…

so does that mean it’s temperature controlled?
Do they still have hurricanes over the sea?
What about storms and whirlpools?
Earthquakes under the sea?

I’m insanely curious how this works in your world, if you couldn’t tell lol

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It’s actually magical technology.
Where a massive machine is created for making magical artificial oceans, sea, lakes, and rivers.

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How similar are these oceans to ours? And what is the degree of control of this magical tech over the oceans?

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Well, they are more similar to crystal blue oceans. The water is actually a type of magical water that has not only ASTOUNDING healing and rejuvenating properties along with being a bit Fountain of Youth.

The water in Alagossia is strange. Like if you purchased a bottle of water from some store in some Alagossian nation on a hot summer day when you are beyond exhausted and just want to relax with a cold drink, the moment you drink that Alagossian water, you will be restored physically.

So, if you are tired and hot, drinking water from Alagossia will greatly relax you and make you super-hydrated for a few days.

It only controls artificial oceans and other artificial bodies of water. There are oceans and bodies of water that came with the planet’s creation. They work the same as the oceans on Earth, but since Alagossia and Earth are vastly different. There are plenty more artificial ones than normal ones.