Best days to post?

So I currently have a finished MS I’m posting on Wattpad on Fridays. It’s 22 chapters and I just realized if I only post once a week it’ll take about five months to post the whole thing. So I want to post twice a week but not sure which other days are good other than Fridays?

Any advice?


I usually find Sundays a good day as well. I think at the beginning and end of the weekend is when people seem to have time to read the most (on Fridays nights you just kind of collapse after the week and on Sunday nights you try to avoid the coming week :joy: ).

So my strategy when posting twice a week is usually do post either Thursday night or Friday and then post again on Sunday. The posts are a bit close together but I find that strategy most effective.

Thanks for the advice!

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I don’t think there is a true “good day” to post since different days work differently for others. I mean, you can post on a weekday, but some or most of your viewers may be at work or school. You can post on a weekend, but your viewers may be caught up in something they’re doing like after school activities (such as sports or theater) or hanging with friends, etc.

My best recommendation would be to pick two days that work well for you and then post it on your story’s summary to let potential readers know they publish at those times. You can also post those days whenever you talk about it or market it.

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