Best tags for a fantasy story?

I’m horrendous at actually figuring out which tag to use for my fantasy ya stuff I post on Wattpad. Was wondering if anyone knew what the most successful tags were?

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I’m not the best at figuring out tags, but what I usually do when adding tags is keep one tab open to search for the tag on Wattpad and see how many stories are using it :eyes: the bigger the tag is, the more likely readers will search for it, I guess?

So I start with the fantasy tags. There’s the obvious #fantasy tag and the more specific subgenre tags like #darkfantasy and #highfantasy.

After that would be audience tags like #ya and #newadult. I just did a Wattpad search and #youngadult gives nearly 100K results, whereas #ya gives less than 20K. If I have to choose one of those two, I’d go for #youngadult since it’s a bigger tag.

Then we have the character-related tags??? I’m not sure how to call them but they describe your cast. So if there are teenagers, I’d tag #teen; if the lead is female, I’d tag #femalemaincharacter or #femaleprotagonist or both; and if the cast is quite diverse, I’d add #diverse, #diversity, or #weneeddiversebooks.

Then we have the content-related tags, which I guess can include character-related tags but I’m not a tag expert. Is it about a curse? Tag #curse. Is the story violent and gory? Might as well add #violence, #blood, and #gore. Do the characters use portals to go to other worlds and have superpowers? You can add #portals, #otherworld, and #superpowers.

There are some additional tags that may not fall under the above categories but could be added, like #featured and #undiscovered. And not all tags have to be big—it’s easier to rank higher in smaller tags than bigger ones, and if they describe a big part of your story, you might as well add them too.

Here are some of the tags I currently have on two of my fantasy books. Both are the first books of two very different series:

I hope this helps :sweat_smile:


yeah it does, thanks!


#freethelgbt is a great tag if you have queer characters in it too (or you can even just put it because you’re lgbtq+ yourself) I dunno if its successful but it does a good job advertising any lgbtq+ content you have

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Tho tbh Wattpad has been getting worse and worse visibility wise so it’s impossible to see what actually works anymore

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I appreciate that webnovel platforms often have complete lists of tags, it would be helpful if Wattpad had the same

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