Beta Reader/Critique partner wanted

I’m looking for a beta reader for my finished book.
I need someone to read it in full in the next few weeks and give me big-picture feedback.
I’m willing to exchange the favor if you’d like me to read something of yours.

Length: about 52,000 words (could grow a bit as I edit, but I don’t expect it to go over 60k)
Trigger warnings: topics of death and grieving
Genre: psychological drama with paranormal elements

My book pitch

Like any young man, Ian wants normal things like a car, a girlfriend, or another tracksuit, but his issues are far from normal. He’s seeing people and things that aren’t there. As the only logical explanation is schizophrenia, he’s gone through life rationalizing that they’re figments of his vivid imagination.

When his life turns upside down, the truth starts to poke its head from under the blanket of denial he’s been hiding under. It isn’t easy to recover from a lifetime of ignorance. Sometimes, falling deeper in is the more obvious path.

Type of feedback wanted:

  • Does anything in the story rub you the wrong way?
  • Does anything pull you out of the story?
  • Was there ever a moment when you felt like you didn’t want to read it anymore?
  • What was your favorite moment?
  • What parts did you not like?
  • If you could change one thing in this story, what would it be?
  • What did you feel by the end of the story?
  • Bonus question: If you were describing this story to a friend, how would you describe what it’s about?

If you want to do an exchange, please give me a brief info about your book and what type of feedback you’re looking for.



Heya there! I too am looking for a critique partner. The only catch is that my work is not finished. The current word count is around 36,600, though. If you are still interested, here are some things I’m looking for feedback on:

Was there anything you felt that wasn’t explained early on enough?

Are there any parts that rubbed you the wrong way?

Are there any parts that feel completely unnecessary?

Do the character’s reasonings for doing things make sense?

Is the plot clear/makes sense?

Is it believable, as much as it can be for being an alternate universe?

Any places that are lacking in sufficient description?

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Hey. Yes, I’m interested.
It’s not a problem if it’s unfinished.

Since you have fewer words, you have the option, do you want me to read anything else of yours or I could give you additional feedback afterwards, for example after you edit something I’ve already read.

I’m going to use Google docs for mine since it allows you to comment, etc.
What’s your plan?

I’m also wondering if a question after each chapter might be a good idea. I don’t have those ready yet, but maybe I’ll come up with some.

I like using Google docs so I can suggest edits as well as comment.

I was thinking, either you can read something else of mine (I have a short story that’s in readable shape, and another work that I need to edit for a pitch but haven’t had the time) or you can read more of the main work when more comes out after I’ve done all the reading for you. But if you don’t want a lengthy exchange that may not be the best option for you.

Chapter-specific questions sound interesting… although I probably won’t have them for every chapter if I were to think of some.

Okay, great. Google docs it is then. Let me set up the document.

One final note just so we’re on the same page, I’d love to get this done in the next few weeks. October already started so maybe by the end of November if that’s possible. Does that timeline work for you?

I realize that nanowrimo is during this time. Are you participating? I’m an ML this year so I’ll surely be busy but I’m also working under a deadline for my book so I’ll have to make it work.

I don’t mind a lengthy exchange at all. Honestly, if we hit it off, I’d love a long-term beta relationship.
I was in an awesome critique club for years. Everyone has dropped off eventually though leaving me all alone. :joy:
Bad timing too since I finally have an opportunity to publish.

One more question.
I’m going to have another beta and I’m wondering, should I use the same document or should I create a separate one? Not sure if it will be helpful or distracting to see someone else’s comments.

I am not participating in Nanowrimo. I can work on your story in the middle chunk of October (I should be writing college essays and my 16 page paper but hey) and pretty much all of November (my deadline for 90% of college stuff is November 1st so I have more free time).

I should be writing, with this newfound time, but we all know I won’t do it, so I might as well put my energy towards something that’ll help someone. You know, instead of scrolling Pinterest.

I will also get my Google doc going. I will probably dip into your work in the next couple of weeks, but the bulk of it, ideally, would be done in November. Is this agreeable?

Having another beta on sale document will just depend on how cluttered you want the doc.

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