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I’m looking for a couple of beta readers to provide feedback on an LGBTQ paranormal fantasy romance project that revolves around the Seven Deadly Sins and includes Chinese/Japanese/Judaic mythology. Some notable comps include Owari no Seraph, Bleach, and Beauty and the Beast.

General blurb:

After Zixin’s affairs with various men are brought to light, his parents arrange for him to marry an angel from Aeyaviel, Lindie. There’s just one problem: Zixin hates her. His parents’ expectations of producing an heir to carry on their family’s legacy forces him to butt heads with his father, leading him to consider abdicating the throne to avoid marrying her. But tensions rise in the Dark Court, pressuring him to accept the marriage to protect Wuzhen.

When he receives a forged letter, he seizes the opportunity to find the person who would dare to forge the Emperor’s seal. While he expects to find a worthy opponent, instead he finds himself trapped in a scheme concocted by a pair of infamous kitsune. And what awaits for him is a mysterious labyrinth with an appealing scent.

Guided by the kitsune, he finds his mate, Hirayama Sosuke, who has been cursed by the Seven Deadly Sins to live in exile for the remainder of his life. They struggle to accept each other, knowing they come from two different worlds. However, Zixin lends his help to the trio, settling for never seeing Sosuke again after they’ve foiled the Dark Court’s plans. But first, he must break Sosuke’s curse and the only way to break the spell is to hunt down every Sin, re-seal them in the hearts of the Seven Virtues, and kill them before the Serpent unleashes hell on the realm.

I’m hoping beta readers can provide commentary on the portrayal of romance between two male characters, the world building, and action sequences. As of this moment, I have the first 4 Acts done and would like to start with the first couple chapters of Act 1 to see if it’d be a good fit.

As a content warning, the book contains graphic smut, violence/gore, strong language, and addresses homophobia. If you’re okay with that, please drop a note below! Those who are selected as final beta readers will get a shout-out in the final published book and on social media.


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I’ve never really been a beta reader for English books and have only been doing it to my own countrys community, but if that doesn’t bother you; I’d be up for it to try to broaden my abilities and try to help with the things you have mentioned!

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Thanks for the offer, but I think it’d be best to get someone familiar with English.




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