Between Roses, a YA Fantasy: Blurb help needed


Okay, no more sending it to FB groups. They’re helpful only up to a point :sweat_smile:

Seventeen-year-old Eryn lets her popular friend Celeste dictate her life from how to act to what boys to date. Whatever morals she had were a small price to pay for a cut of Celeste’s fame. To protect that image, Eryn wouldn’t do anything without Celeste’s approval.

When an old bracelet thrusts her into a magical, chaotic world, alone, she becomes enmeshed in a decades-old hunt for a power called the “alyce”. Eryn tries all the tactics she learned from Celeste, but no one helps her as they are busy fighting a monster of madness haunting the realm.

Eryn learns her alyce could destroy the monster, but Celeste wouldn’t help if she were here. Besides, facing the monster could mean death. But when Eryn befriends Duxim, a sweet hare boy, Ace, a conflicted army captain, and Clue, a quiet soldier, her heart begins to waver.

She could run home to her old life with Celeste, or stand on her own risking her life for her new friends in this chaotic new realm. Eryn must decide quickly as the monster is growing stronger.

Tick-tock, tick-tock…