Blurb Help

Hey. I have been working on the sequel to my novel The Vanishing Girls Of Willow Creek. However, something that has been bothering me is the blurb. I don’t feel great about it and was wondering if anyone could provide some advice. Also, please note it is incomplete.

Here it is:

He’s desperate to rewrite the story. Will she be able to stop him?

A town once known for its forested beauty and friendly atmosphere, Willow Creek has now been rocked by a mystery that has brought fear, intrigue, and even death to its inhabitants.

While there was finally an answer to the mystery of what happened to the Vanishing Girls of Willow Creek, this forest-filled town now faces a new mystery.

It is only natural that there should be a sense of dread when the person who has solved a nearly two centuries old mystery is suddenly a mystery herself.

The last thing Harley remembers is rehearsing for the school’s production of The Phantom Of The Opera with her English teacher, Mr. Haggerty. Everything after that is complete darkness.

Ever since the disappearance of fellow classmate, Miranda Hutchins, she and her best friend, Jonathan Reeves, have been trying to solve the mystery of the vanishing women of Willow Creek.

Follow Harley as she tries to make sense of everything she’s learned.

Meanwhile, Jon finds himself working with an unlikely ally as they both seek to rescue Harley.

Will they be able to before it’s too late?

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