Book Cover Fakes Plz :>

Friends, it is I once again looking for F A K E requests as inspo is low in the heat and I gotta keep makin covers! :smiley: Simply fill the form below if you’d be so kind as to drop random ideas on me <3 You don’t have to fill all of this out, but the more the merrier :>

Colour palette (Coolors or Adobe Colours):

Just some of my work below vvv


Hi! Here’s some :grin:

Title: Hidden Siren
Genre: dark romantasy
Colour palette (Coolors or Adobe Colours):

Ideas: An underwater background with purple coral and a mermaid girl holding a trident. There should be fish.

Title: Rose and Storm
Genre: dark fantasy
Colour palette (Coolors or Adobe Colours):

Ideas: A witchy girl and her crow familiar with lots of rose petals. Also a dark, foreboding witchy castle in the background. Maybe witchy girl has some red on her clothes.

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Thank you Enna! I love the second one. I don’t really like doing underwater things, but the second is amazing!

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Is underwater difficult? What if she’s not underwater, but she’s sitting on a rock by the ocean?

Excited to see the second one :grin:

No, not really, I just don’t like it (the process, end result, any of it) XD

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I see. Got it :wink:

So, would you say anything with dark castles, witchy things, guys with abs, werewolves, warriors, and maybe forests would be your favorites? Any others?

I have a few color palette ideas I might like to try to throw at you :grin: