Book covers

So, I decided to open a book cover shop again.

You can ask for covers, you can use it if you want. If you use the book cover do give credit.

And about what to write for requesting that’s totally up to you, but mention the book name and the author name atleast.

Also, save the covers as I might delete the posts or the thread.

The book cover shop!


Thank you for opening up!!!:sob: I’ve been looking for someone who does book covers.

Book title: Project Shadow
Author: Tori Sparrows
Blurb(for inspo?): A year has passed since I lost my partner. A year since my world shattered. Since then, I’ve thrown myself into my job to keep him far from my mind.
When the man behind Alex’s death, a genetic scientist who’s hell bent on making the strongest creature possible, returns, he turn the streets I’ve called home into a nightmare.
Now I must catch Stone before he plunges my city into darkness. Before it becomes filled with carnage-seeking mutants.

Do tell if you have some idea in mind or want to change anything there


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I have a very, very, very poor and rough draft cover that I did myself as a placeholder of sorts. It’s simple, yet I do indeed like it.

Could you do a neater version of I wonder? bring it up to a more polished look?
If so, I’d like to have you run your magic over it and see where it goes.

If you wish to take a look, I can drop the image and details in this thread for you, or which ever way you would prefer.

And the Credit will roll with the other mentions that I have to draft up for the Credit Page.

Thanks in advance,


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More like, a woman on a motorcycle with the city as her background

Sure, you can place the image in this thread or wherever you want

Added to the previous post. Do say if any further changes you want there


The Idea behind this is that the symbols are wrought in iron, just the outline that is. The central one being the foremost of importance, the others are smaller and should be a little more closer to the larger, but I just did this very quickly as you can see and tell. Haha!
I do like the simple white lettering and the font used, so I don’t know if I would have this changed too much.

Title:- The Endurlon.
Author:- SecretDurham (I use no spaces).

Blurb thingy:- In the darkness of night, the memories of a forgotten power still dwell in the hearts of the world. Through the ages, passed as childhood tales, it became folklore…
A time when Gods and Men stood side by side, and fought for the freedom of Arillion.

It began with the Children of Mara, and the hatred of their fathers. And it ended with devastating war.
The creators, seeing the hurts of the world by the hands of their children, took sorrowful pity. In shameful remorse they gave their last to heal the hurts of the world, and vanished. But Essingvaux bestowed grave warnings, and spoke one last time. “When the Endurlon is nigh, I shall return… And all will be renewed with peace.”

“For thirteen thousand years I have awaited his voice…”

Thank you kindly in advance.
I’d be happy to see anything that you can do to polish this image, and yet keep it in the same context also.
And credit will be given fully for your endeavours.


You would like the same but in wrought iron or would you like to add something else?

Oooh, I feel like it would just be nice to have the wrought iron look of the symbols only upon the black field. Maybe a little larger though. I don’t wish for too much change, but if you have any ideas, please try them, and I’ll see if it could work.

Again, I thank you for your time to do this.


At first say what kind of iron you want between these


I like the first one, but the lower part needs to be straight from the shoulder, then curving inwards to the point like a dagger blade. And much thicker in the casting too. The idea was that these three symbols represent the Three Sorcerers of Astiol, and each being a person, like a Russian Doll in a simplistic manner.

As I said, my original design was just a rough placeholder, and a shabby one too. Haha!

So yeah, the first one seems more like what I’m looking for.