Does anyone have any favorite BookTubers you just watch, and generally enjoy content from?

For me, I enjoy Jess Owens, Jack Edwards, Jessethereader, ReadswithRachel, MynameisMarines, HowtotrainyourGavin, WithCindy, and BooksFromABiGuy amongst others.

I think I enjoy them because they don’t just review books and do reading blogs. They talk about the actual book community, other topics surrounding it, and the content of the books themselves.


HowToTrainYourGavin, OliviaReadsALatte, Katie Colson, BooksWithChloe and Irish Reader are definitely my favourites.

But I’ve been starting to watch Bowties & books, BooksAndLala, Daniel Greene, GabbyReads and Alexandra Roselyn a lot more lately.

And to be fair the only people I’m keeping up to date with are the first three I mentioned. And by up to date I mean for the past I think two years the only videos I haven’t watched that have been uploaded in that time are spoiler filled vlogs of books I want to read.

Technically, not a booktuber but kind of fits I really do enjoy BoogieSnacks who is a mangatuber.


Watched this guy since he was a small booktuber with literally 30 or so subs, glad to see him rapidly growing in viewership.

I like booktubers who aren’t afraid of being critical and giving constructive/negative criticism (though I get it, fangirls and -guys can be scary as heck).


@DollyTH sent me his channel. He reads horrible books for us and reviews them thoroughly.

He’s also really funny, too. I’m currently watching his review on 365 Days.


I look at nothing, if I can help it.

Now, my husband watches Shadiversity. He is obsessed with mideval fantasy and has a lot of details that you just can’t find without crazy-long searches.

So, I find him to be a bit more of a resource than a book reviewer.

Like just looking at this, he’s got one on mideval sex that I need to look at, soon.


Merphy Napier


Christine Riccio

I do have others on my list but these are the main ones I watch on a regular basis.


Hmm I’ve been trying to get away from the BookTube bubble lately. It’s all the same books, and I get wary picking up recs when they’re sensationalised (Daniel Greene is the biggest culprit). And now there’s a manga cult? (No! I will not read One Piece!) But at least some recs are better than BookTok…

So I’ll just say the furry lesbo queen herself withcindy. And Eric Karl Anderson.


I’d never heard of Eric Karl Anderson before, but his taste in books looks great! ٩(˘◡˘)۶


I just found a new one, and after watching this video I’m subscribed. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)


Oh yes, it’s the edgelord I linked earlier in another thread :flushed: joking aside, she makes good points.


It has existed before you could read my friend.

Also watch Jack Edwards, jessethereader, and sometimes, occasionally, watch withcindy. And sometimes watch PolandbananasBooks (personally, she’s a bit too chaotic for me :stuck_out_tongue: Only watch when I feel for that. The same thoughts for Daniel Greene.)

Other favorites:
The Book Leo


Fun Fantasy Books (She makes you want to read everything. So good at explaining books.)

Merphy Napier (mostly watch it to get writing inspiration, not for booktube XD )

Recently discovered:
cari can read (over 1k subs, big channel, entertaining.)

Ariel Bisset (recently a lot of house renovation videos, but she has done some book reviews. Maybe she’ll get back into it.)

midnightreadingg (small channel only 300 subs right now, but totally worth it)

Travels in Fiction (not frequent uploads, but worth waiting for)