Brainstorming: Starlight or star would it work?

Two things:

  • I read Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar and while there was some celestial-type magick in it, it wasn’t a whole lot of variety. I wish there was more.

  • I have a story where characters are going to go to a magical place where the water is so clear its like a mirror, and I thought it would be cool to have a girl with star magick appear as their guide in this place. She’ll be an ethereal being or something.

How would one use star magick? (is this just for stars as in the ones that sparkle in the sky, or does star magick get into celestial magick with planets?)
What would it look like?
What are the pros and cons?
What can they do or can’t they do?

Has a lot of star magick been done before?

Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


Take this!


Thanks! Really helpful!

After a brief read through of some of them, I realized that maybe someone with star magick would actually be one of the most powerful out there if they can create nuclear energy and generate black holes :open_mouth: So whatever a star is about or can do, the person can do.

Or, I could go a completely non-combative peaceful direction and have the character be a healer and protector. Healer (maybe not just people but plants and animals, too?) from astrology life/spiritual magick, and protector using the ability to solidify stellar energy into shields.


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Don’t forget the zodiac cycle and constellation powers!

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Hmm, star-powered magic…

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Constellation powers? What would that entail?

Being able to ride a starry bear with the little bear constellation?

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Nice music :grin:

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I started thinking about this:

Howl’s Moving Castle, star children

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Anything that you can possibly imagine.

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I will return for more brainstorming. Not done with this yet.

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So, there’s this character, Azera, who uses water magick, but her mother or her species uses star magick.

I was thinking how star magick gives birth to water magick.

What if Azera is a reflection and her other half is trapped in the water and can only emerge at night when the stars are reflected in the water?

Azera is suffering from her water magick. Maybe it’s only because she’s not whole?

If star magick is healing (and I think I’ll go with this), can water magick be healing as well? Starlight to work on humans needs water magick to reflect the light?

I’m thinking of the night sky reflected in the water and how that kind of reflection could affect the star magick…

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