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I trying to build my graphics shop! So please Request Fakes Only! I will do any genre. (Mystery, Fantasy, FanFic, and more) I need to work on all genres :slight_smile:

If you want to use or need a book cover for real, please PM me :slight_smile:

Here is the form below.

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Face claims (If any):


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I think some of my short stories in Human Males/Were Females: Case Study Synopsis are “supposed to be excerpts” from bigger novels or biographies…give me a second to go through the endings to see which ones are what…

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I haven’t forgotten. Had my day interrupted–and likely this one , too. I’m compiling details.

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You are fine! No worries! My day was busy as well. :slight_smile:

My 6 month old has his first head cold–he’s doing well, just can’t nurse because he can’t breathe through his nose (good thing he’s eating and taking bottles).

I feel accomplished by what I managed to get done today outside of him. Lol

The “big book”:

Title: Human Males/Were Females

Subtitle*: Case Study Synopsis

Author: J. L. O.
(Fictional editor is: Lyon Pierce)

Genre: Werewolf Romance

Face claims (If any): Not specifics. Some will have traits mentioned.

Summary: 16 different stories about mates who met at various satages of life.

Ideas and Details: open to be whatever

Color scheme: (current is kind of dull sand to black, lol)

Anything else?: this has the potential for a lot of sub-covers and completely fictional covers.

Concrete Thinker

Martin Lindsay, estranged Earl of Crawford was raised out in the American West with his mate, at a very young age. The journal excerpt covers when his mate, Merideth Lightfoot, went on a tour with her father upon his retirement. Martin was barely tolerated until his children were old enough to prove that they were shifters. Merideth has plenty of battle scars from protecting him.

Not sure if his sons will defend him, he’s decided to take matters into his own hands, declaring, " What I do know is that I will not go down without a fight–as weak a fight as I provide. This is the age of the gun, and by God, all men are forced to be equal, whether they wish it or not."

4 wolves were shot dead during the month his mate was out, and his Alpha son was challenged the day before Grandpa returned–successfully won that.

Artistic Soul

“Luna” Henry Townsend’s story follows a male from childhood into manhood on the same day each year, through his journal. His mate is Alpha Gina Townsend (female).

All entries are in September.

From 1972-1979, it’s simple sentences about Gina.
1980, he talks about almost being walked on on after he discovered porn magazines.
1981, 1982, 1984, they had a fight over another girl.
1983 he becomes aware that his every thought is Gina, grumbles about his dad.
1985 finally gets walked in on. She’s just mad because she didn’t get invited in on it.
1986 she reveals her wolf. First dumb question, “Where’d your tits go?”
1987 Dad walks in on them, decides to have a fight with his wife rather than interrupt them. Next day is a blow-up fight over him settling down too young, so he moves out and into the pack.
1988 Gina becomes Alpha. Henry is teased as Luna.
Jumps to 2001, and Henry has just watched the WTC collapse, which caused him to pick back up his journal:
They had twins, the request for these short stories came in 2000, around January 2001, he took a test to see if he had latent werewolf genes: he did. It’s fixed, now he’s a wolf. He got it from his mom. His parents divorced 3 years ago because mom left hom for her mate. Dad drank himself into a suicide after reconciling with his son.

He experiences his first territorial moment over his wife’s sparring match. A congratulatory butt slap set off his wolf and he had to be pried off the guy who meant nothing by it. He sends the dude a bacon bouquet during recovery.


Jacob Matthews is a male who is in therapy because he’s seen and been bit by a werewolf when young and can’t process it.

At 7: The song Susie Q played in the background when a rogue wolf attacked him and a girl he was playing with. The girl shifted, killed the rogue and bit him to save his life. He called the girl Eve.

As he grew up and got involved with women the dog shows up after he’s bedded one to mentally tell him he’s been naughty–he thinks he’s hallucinating. The other women begin to see it and so he’s considered a mass hallucination trigger.

He got engaged to a girl who thought he was possessed, so exorcisms happened. 3rd run-in gets her to ditch him at the altar, so he went back into therapy.

New therapist thinks he needs to meet the right girl, and to get back into dating, but to only ask out one he’s compelled to ask out.

He meets her, takes a while to bring her to meet his therapist, Dr commands her to shift, and man is confronted by his monster. The doctor explains the situation and strong-arms him into accepting his mate.

Dani is described as a braless busty noticeably nipple-pierced blonde who dyed her hair black. Gothic/Punk look.

Medical journal: Were Psychology Today
Article: Traumatic Mating Experiences
Compiled by Dr. Richard Trahan, a former Beta.


is a nerd who meets his mate at Mechacon.

He meets her and her pack “doing The Creep”. She’s a chunky 11ish year old and he’s a beanpole 12 year old. He’s surrounded by grown women with boobs hanging out of their costumes and he falls for a girl that he’s too scared to talk to.

Life happens, father is injured at work, mom goes to work full time and he becomes dad’s caretaker. Bulls up to help lift him. Doesn’t go back until he’s 16.

Due to life being short and missing out on that first chance, he’s far more outgoing. He’s bulked out, decided to go as Conan the Barbarian–older version which is fully clothed and bearded, and girls like his looks enough to chase after him.

The pack is grown, still doing “The Creep”. One look at them and confident boy loses his nerve. Takes him a second, and he goes to sit down and talk with them, finally meeting his girl.

Life changes for his family. The pack cares for their finances, getting his dad a live-in nurse, freeing him to have a life outside caring for family.

He becomes a paramedic. During 2020, Covid shuts down Mechacon, and he has to choose another way to propose to his girl than he planned. They do a reenactment of “The Creep”, for that.

The Lost

is a fb excerpt of a male who moved away from his mate as a child and never got together.

Conversation is with a friend who is getting married that he hasn’t been really drawn to a girl since he was 5. Friend finds the girl online, guy friends her through the app, without plans to go further because she’s married.


is about an abuse case who wants a normal life but instead gets werwolves.

Starts off after being with his mate for years, talking about stumbling onto abuse romances, and how emasculated that left him, and that even talking about his past freaks him out, before launching into how he met his mate.

Met his mate by being shoved into her chest in the middle of a fight. Lost track of her, meetd her next year, and the second time she meets him, he set another kid’s hair on fire. Really troubled guy. Took another half a year before he pays attention again, and realizes she’s seen his behavior and he loses the confidence to approach him.

She has enough and approaches him their Sr year, and casually hooks up with him. Mindblowing sex made him forget about other girls. She does something that triggers his history the next morning and they have an almost-fallout over it.

He offers to let her out before they get to school, for her reputation, she chooses him over that, and suddenly he’s thinking more than sex. She drags her pack to him. He tries to get her name in a pack of sensitive hearing wolves. Girl’s name is Anne.

He tries to pick a fight with some of the bisexual guys by being vulgar, and his mate smack him–he wonders if this is going to be an abusive relationship. She bursts into tears for hurting him. Their next Alpha invites him to join their sparring practices for anger managment.

Learns about what they are and that she mean that hit as a light smack. They use him to learn about human limitations. He falls in love while they remain in a “friends with benefits” stage. Until abuse happens and he finds out that Werewolves have a psychic bond and what was done to him was in turn done to her. He mentally shuts down.

She gets him to confess, then she meets his parents and “cleans house”, and he remains protected as an adult.

The Player

Moria_JAngel2 is only fully female perspective in the book. It’s about how she got her human mate to reject her without revealing she’s a werewolf.

“In the case of adulterous human males, no recent cases have lead to a sealing of the mate bond because of a shift in were culture finally catching up to human feminist views.”

She was “gearing up for her first shift”, and was 20 lbs heavier than “perfect”.

Runs into him literally, he makes out with girls other than her for 2 weeks. Girls start insuting her weight, guys in the pack were annoyed because they packed on weight for the same reason.

She gets drunk at a party and sleeps with her mate, freaks out, walks home, beats up a real predator who tries to abduct her. Gets distracted from the mate’s existence until she figures out that she caught an STD, pulls him aside to warm him, blows up into public insults.

She 1st-shifts at school–started midst-fight with mate, gets a hold of his keys and shits in his convertible while in wolf form. Gets him to “hit a dog” (in front of girls who think he’s abusing an animal), it works like a “rejection”, she goes on to “date” the Alpha’s 2nd son, running in the time until he finds his own mate.


Keith Richards is the type of male young were females hope they get if they must have a human. Willing from the moment they meet to be mated, and to further be bitten and shifted into a werewolf himself.

Jane is a pixie of a human, a true runt (her wolf is even smaller than she normally is).

It comes at a cost: their bond actually causes people to be lured to Keith, a guy that–while attractive–never really had much girl attention now has to force them to leave him alone.

He winds up lecturing the whole cafeteria about sexual assault dressed in his Holloween costume (Lurch of Adam’s Family). Jane was Wednesday.

Turns out he inherits her rage, along with her powers.

He’s prone to public bedhead.


3 female werewolves bet each other in a chat that they can abuse their mates into any behavior they want. Another’s mate (Seymore Slopes of Crummudgen)–the IT tech of the forum–chews them out, warning that bad would come of it.

1 female takes it too far, involving her Alpha in their relationship in a violent manner, even as the other two call it quits and beg her to stop.

Their game comes crashing to a halt when that abused mate kills the Alpha and puts his pregnant mate in a coma. The Beta steps up to clean up the mess, which drags the 2 girls and their mates into the forum due to the Tech stepping back in to tie up loose ends.


Caesar Vitas Pugh is a tired rich playboy who has no goals in life when a dying woman demands “sexual healing”: quite literally. The mating bond is known to occasionally save dying werewolves. He waits out her change miserably isolated, at home, and doesn’t even recognize her when she comes to claim him. As Alice Nunez is technically the Queen of Los Angeles (she prefers Chairman), the Player soon becomes her “vassal”.

Fake Bibliography: I Could Have Been a Fido
Author: CV Pugh


Graham Toole, an arrogant boxer whose mate is a boxing werewolf.

Her father is the coach, trying to get this amateur to take boxing seriously, and the guy tells the coach, “You find a girl that can beat me, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

He brings in his daughter.

Dude tries to back out, is cajoled into the fight. Knocked out first punch. He’s winning matches and losing to her until he snaps, at 6 months. She uses it as the big reveal: werewolf. 6 months later, he finds out she’s pregnant by “winning”.

Coach’s daughter is a blonde.
Coach is a Hispanic Philippino mix.

Husband Material

Jonathan Jonah Johnson, a man so ready to settle down that pretty much anything wouldn’t shake him off “the one”, not even a Civil War era African Alpha whose territory the couple are invading.

He meets LJ Priest/ LJ Prawl/Linette Josée (a teacher), Aria, and Alicia on a dating website, has a group meeting with them as friends.

Turns out LJ is his mate: she’s a land mine survivor from just after WWII.

JJ lives in another pack’s territory–inherited the house because of a falling out between his uncle and the Alpha. He doesn’t put everything together until after she shifts into a wolf.

And he happens to be a 3D printer programmer/engineer, who can design prosthetics that withstand shifting.


Desperation is about finding your mate after you are happily married and the complicated lifestyle it would take to keep everyone.

Nobody’s names are given. The man writes like an American, but they are out of Australia. It’s a polygamous relationship between a disillusioned human married couple who find their werewolf mates, who happen to be dating as well. Adultery in a bowling alley bathroom results in a child that brings the 4 together to confront what they are.


Seymour Slopes, grumpy tech guy who momentarily fails his own moralizing lectures.

He goes on a call out to this cult, hooks up with a preschool teacher (Fay) for a “one night stand”, final out they are werewolves, and freaks out about “us vs. them” until he realizes that the pack is doing nothing to him. Then he feels like crap because he treated his mate poorly.


An eccentric multi-millionaire who finds out his secretary is a secret agent werewolf.

Keith Moore, a Co-founder of a pool toy chain, usually cuts his secretaries loose when they get possessive, but this secretary, “Anita Sullivan”, is here trying to figure out if he has ties to the slave ring the real Anita Sullivan escaped from.

Oh, and his partner, Geoffrey Scythe, is a BDSM freak, trying to get his mistress to marry him.

Semi-biography Title: Don’t Let Men Read Romances
Author: Keith Moore

Old Faithful

A Civil Rights era African American human who grew up protected within an Alabama pack, who meets his mate on an interview about his memories of the era. Very lightly handled.

Niece and Luna signs Bobby up for an interview.

Bobby Godding is in his 58, is of African ancestry. Lyon Pierce (female) is almost 40, and is the “editor” of this series. The interview is done while ignoring that they are mates, then agreeing to their matehood.

Magazine title: Wolf Today.
Article: Bobby Godding of the Buffalo Holdings pack.
Editor: Lyon Pierce

Gyst: White Alpha says soemthing derogatory in the effort of protecting his PoC, loses the respect of the MC’s father, triggers heavy reform on the pack, including the outlawing of slavery (Omegas).

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Have fun with it. There’s a chance to make a psychology journal cover, a werewolf society rag cover, 2 biographical fakes.

Will do!! Yes! The more the merrier!

Just about to finish the main cover. Will look over it in the morning and then send it to ya!

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