Can people just write what they want to write?

And just not worry about being pretentious and pseudo-intellectual, or doing everything by the book with genre fiction in hopes that a publisher will pick them up miraculously? Can we just find our own voices, and write what we want to write, without it having to appeal to the masses and be unoriginal, or without it needing to be a political mouthpiece? If you wanna do that, write nonfiction. Write on Medium. Please.


bold of you to assume i know how to write on medium.


There is nothing that says you can’t write how you want to write or about a subject you want to write about. Everything can find an audience. How big that audience is depends upon the level of appeal people find in a writer’s work.

How salable the material is depends upon the popularity of the subject matter and the consumption of the masses. .

So yes, write what you want. However, if a writer wants to be a world-renowned/read author, there is a certain amount of formula that has to be adhered to. And being that I don’t necessarily conform to formula, I am fully aware that my audience will remain cozy.


He asked politely so I think it’s time you figured it out.


It’s weird because I don’t see an actual scientific forumla in use, it’s more like reverse enginering other people’s sucesses.


It’s hugely subjective…
And you’re right many people “copycat” other’s formulas.
Like when Hollywood puts out three movies in a year with pretty much the same subject matter.


well, part of writing what you want to write is being able to write something unoriginal or a ‘political mouthpiece’ (not meant to be rude, i just don’t entirely understand what this means).

while i agree that we throw too much of our worth into what other people will think of our stories, so much so that it honestly just strips the fun away from it and also brings up other problems (like publicly complaining that a reader didn’t enjoy your story and that they shouldn’t share their opinion if they don’t like it (seriously, do not do this, y’all)), telling people what to write isn’t going to solve anything. it’s just going to keep making people cautious about what to do bc it’s not addressing the root issue.

it’s unfortunately not as simple as pointing out how people treat it, it’s about what’s causing it and what people can do to feel more confident in their work while also staying mindful about the type of feedback they are receiving.


I think they mean something unique or doesn’t have a political agenda behind it…


oh okay, thank you for making that a bit clearer (i just have problems with understanding phrases sometimes, it’s not about how it was stated LMAO) /gen

now that i reread it, i’m realizing it’s mostly about it feeling like it has to be about that instead of anything else (i think, at least :sob:). which, yeah, i do agree it’s such a weird part of the writing world in general.


a little spicy today, narb :stuck_out_tongue:



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I feel like writing something political at the moment, but I get what you’re saying. No publisher is ever going to pick up my work, and I’m fine with that. As long as pirates don’t steal it, I don’t worry about anything any more. The ethics of people these days scare me, though. You spend literally years of your life trying to write something you consider Pulitzer worthy, and then these shitheads steal it, claiming because they can’t afford it that gives them the right to steal. No, it doesn’t! If you can’t afford, you do without.

But I digress. Is someone keeping you from writing what you want to? Or have you run across pretentious, pseudo-intellectual writing somewhere lately?


I was waiting on you to make a joke like “bold enough for you to assume I know how to write” for some reason :flushed:.

The problem is, honestly, there are so many “writers” who have sold something that tells people to do X, Y and Z so their books will sell, and a lot of times, that doesn’t work because they’re not writing the same genre, and they don’t think the same way. So, it makes them frustrated because they spend X amount of money and followed the steps and got no results. I think that people should just own up and say “this works for me, and I got into the game at X time, so your results will vary”.

I see so many people who want to be best-selling authors, but don’t realize that you have to find your own voice and planning method within the formula of the genre and write something that people actually want to read, and not a paint by numbers carbon copy of everything else in the genre.

You don’t have to do everything else so-called experts say, but so many people get caught up in the minor details that they lose touch with the bigger picture within publishing. Most of the big names, yes, have plots that they plan, and characters that seem familiar but the stories have something within them that sets them apart from other stories in the genre.

And I am glad that you know where you stand and are happy with a cozy audience but people need to realize that it’s more than just “follow these steps like X author and become famous!”

Yeah, that’s what I meant lol. Sorry about not being super clear. I was sort of skimming through my thoughts and posting them without checking them for confusing phrases. But yes, it doesn’t have to be about those things.

Yes, you can have a diverse cast, and you can have certain things you want to mention, but you can do it in an entertaining way without shoving the agenda down people’s throats. I see this in modern TV shows a lot as well. It sucks, for the consumer and puts them off when it’s just all political and forced agenda shoving with boring, unlikeable characters who are mouthpieces for the agenda.


It’s all good! I have a tendency to go with my first interpretation and that’s not always the correct interpretation. Which you’d think would encourage me to sit on the thought for longer, but no :sob: I’ve been in the middle of debates with people and only realized halfway through that I didn’t actually disagree with what they were saying, I read it wrong. Admitting that is so funny. With a healthy dose of embarrassment but… Anyways, I’m rambling LMAO

I think media gets so caught up in this idea of making sure they look like they’re appealing to certain audiences because, even though it’s not even the bare minimum, they know they’ll have people backing them up and defending them so long as they look like they’re trying. It’s weird. They’re not actually representing anything or, most of the time, countering the issue. They don’t care about sort of message they’re actually sending. They’re just playing into it.

It would be nice to see media that tackles it from a natural angle, aka maybe they could try explaining why the character has an issue with it beyond saying that it’s an issue LMAO. Or even something that works against the problem by just… not including it and showing that things can be done in other ways.

As much as I’m aware that not everything a writer includes in a story is reflective of their own beliefs, I do firmly believe that the things we write are based on our experiences and we even unintentionally slip our own viewpoints into it to some extent. And by that, I mean… it’s like they don’t realize it’s painfully obvious to an audience when something is very forced and not actually understood by the people putting it out there.

I also still very much agree that people are neck deep in the idea that something needs to appeal to the masses. The issue with it too is that it tends to simplify the original story being told. Take Hunger Games for example — the stories that came after, like Divergent, tried really hard to be the next Hunger Games but instead they just ended up playing into the issue that the story was even pointing out.

It doesn’t leave much wiggle room for people to find something new in the genre. It’s just waiting for someone else to defy the expectation and then it randomly becomes popular, and suddenly it’s another trend.

I hope I’m not still misunderstanding because that would just be sad. LMAO

(stop this did not take me an hour to write… goodnight- /j)


To be frank, I don’t do well without a minimal structure. Not that my work has to have it, but without some but of formula to it, it’s not going to be finished.

And it’s not a lot. Lord, too rigid and I’ll run shrieking out the room.

But conventional is to keep the unconventional on-track.

Where it gets people in trouble is when they think they are unconventional. Sorry if there are 40 people writing, 30 of them will be more alike than not, easily. (Honestly, that small a group, all of them are similar enough to be ignored, quite often.)

The other issue is being an intellectual by inclination. That’s naturally pedantic (hence some of my long posts that don’t keep succinct). It doesn’t automatically mean you’re smart, it means you’re obsessed with details and thinking, and you run the risk of wanting people to cheer on your intelligence instead of cheering on your aptitude. Now, I freely admit to being a borderline genius, but that doesn’t mean everything I do is intelligent. Brilliant people fail spectacularly. In fact it’s better to have people think you’re stupid and surprise them on occasion. So, this should be mentioned as “over-engineering” a novel? In this, yes, the OP is a good plea to have. You don’t want to be so formulaic that you ruin the story. Recipes change according to altitude and ambient temperate, novels change due to the details of the writer and the intended audience. Formulas shoehorn against that.


I thought I was always like this

Medium also has a paywall that can be conqured if you make money from editing services


Hagrid has a booktube channel and he talked about really dumb lit fic like Gravity’s Rainbow

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Not if they want to get published. Write your passion projects because you love them, but there’s genuinely no hope for you if you think it will be published. If you want to publish your work, you can’t write what you want to write. You have to write what the industry wants. It’s hopeless honestly and it’s better to just give up. The only message the industry or writing sites or readers have for you to learn is that your passions are worthless and so are you as a writer. It’s just not worth it. It’s better to just write what you want to write and then keep it to yourself. Because only then are you allowed to truly do what you want.


Not if you want to be published because even if you don’t write for this to happen, someone will translate it that way. There is no way to win, especially not now that everything is offensive


I write how I see it in my head, and no less. I write characters as they come to me, and evolve their characteristics as the story unfolds, not to appease the “Differing Communities” of this world. If I write something that may seem off to someone, it’s because they have not understood what I’m writing, and the context.

This may sound quite blunt, but so be it…


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