Careers/Jobs where you know the interview process is super-duper intense and overwhelmingly difficult!

Heh, I chose that image as a visual reference. By my comically ill-informed opinion, the Navy Clearance Divers are the least demanding Special Forces unit in the ADF to join.* I don’t know if the Air Force’s Air Defence Guard qualify as SF. Anyway, if one does not have the above picture’s level of fitness and endurance (at minimum), forget about joining the Australian Special Forces.

Another comparison, according to a military YouTube channel (might be this one), the Australian Infantry (non-SF) are considered almost equal to the US Army Rangers.

*The SAS make the Navy SEALs look like cupcakes ~ The Killer Elite (film).

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People don’t like hiring those of us with mental or physical disabilities because they think we’re not good enough :roll_eyes:. If you ask me, that’s their problem to deal with, not mine, so I’ll just look elsewhere thanks. But it would be nice if having a physical or mental disability didn’t automatically make most potential employers go “pfffff no”

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Exactly! Like what the hell, society?!

It’s like a challenge for people in that position to even find work, and even harder to get help as well.

The world is stupid as hell when it comes to things like that, especially towards people with mental disabilities!

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Society likes to think theyve done everything to make life easier for those of us with “complications” when, really, there are still just as many barriers, especially when it comes to finding employment. They may not be the same barriers, but theres still a lot


i’ve only interviewed for entry level jobs because i’m a pleb. none of the interviews were particularly awful (some of the jobs were but that’s irrelevant) but sometimes i struggle with the open-ended questions.

“tell me about yourself” fuckin… be more specific.

or the dumber ones lol

“why do you want to work here?” to pay rent, susan. this is a mcdonalds, not nasa.


I hate those questions so much!
Like I am here to get at this place because I need money and I need a place to work.

I think they are hoping that if you apply for the place, you have to at least like the place of choice to work at.

Seriously, those questions suck so much!


I’m so happy that never once in my 3 decades of work experience have I ever come across those questions :joy:

(okay, three decades is an exaggeration lol)


honestly though who’s applying to minimum wage jobs because they like the place of work? interviewers must know 99% of the people they interview are just there for the money.

elderly! and lucky lol. i’ve been asked both those questions more than once :melting_face: i just don’t understand why employers need to know that i’m broke and read fiction in my spare time to decide if i’m worthy of operating the debit machine.