Careers/Jobs where you know the interview process is super-duper intense and overwhelmingly difficult!

We all know that job interviews can be scary and nerve-wracking to some people, especially for a job or position you truly want.

Yet there are job/careers interviews where the success rate is low, or the overall job is tough as hell to get into.

Name a career field or certain job position, where you know that the interviews are far more frightening that your standard retail job.

Thoughts and feelings?



Give me some places, if you know of any!

Being a producer for a massive label cannot be easy to get into.


Yeah…that has to be tough. I can only imagine the number of questions they ask and the number of people who sweat through their clothing.

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Uhhhhh I’ve had one interview and it really wasn’t all that high stress ;-;

But I can tell you that getting into a low-level entry job is extremely difficult and quite nerve wracking. I’ve been told the interviews in general are pretty yikes


I’ve always hated doing job interviews and they never go right neither. The questions throw me off, I CANNOT look the interviewer in the eyes, and it freaks me out doing that for too long (a tick that comes with ADHD/Autism) and sitting sit while being anxious is god-awful.


Yeah, I’m not looking forward to the day where I have to do an interview face-to-face. They sound so freaky ;-;

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Slightly off-topic: I just fucking realized just now that I out of all the only two jobs I had, I was given the second one purely from some luck with my mental health.

The other job interviews I had, I wasn’t accepted because of my mental health and whatever issues I face with ADHD/Autism. The problem is that back that I was REALLY suffering from my ADHD/Austim, but I had no idea and thought it was just me.

Now, I know and even still, I can’t get a job unless some miracle happens. Not that I want one in this day and age with the way things are.

Geez, back then my life was full of sufferings that weren’t my fault!

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All of them tbh lol. I think in my experience the most brutal is in acting, not that it’s interviews, but get past the first hurdle to get an agent, get past the second hurdle to get into a position where your agent is sending you for the Big Boy Roles, only to fail at the last hurdle because a theatre kid thinks acting for commercials is the same as theatre (yes, I speak from experience, no, I’m not over it). At least with all the other interviews I’ve failed there’s a reason, but in acting it can be things that are wildly out of your control.


Oof! That sounds scary and sorry that happened to you.

It’s okay, took me 2 years to finally try the food the ad was for, and then I got even angrier because it was really, really good. But I think all interviews SUUUCKKKKK


That does suck.
When I would try to apply at a retail job that was for a bookstore (Barnes & Noble), I really wanted to work there, but the questions for why I wanted to work there pissed me off and made me anxious.

The whole experience for job interviews just made me realize how crippling my mental health was back then and is still crippling me.

Oh well, I suppose!

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Honestly I hate interviews too, they make me physically sick. I’ve had 2 actual jobs (3, technically, but I was just rehired from my first job a few years after I quit so… much easier lol). LinkedIn has a lot of interview prep questions if you struggle, not that my ADHD ass can ever remember what they teach me. Unironically I think going through the motions as a working actor was better for my mental health than trying to do ‘normal’ jobs… maybe I need to get back into acting. xD


I had two jobs, well technically one, because my first job I only worked a few months, then was let go. While the second job I had from 2014 to 2016, which is the longest I’ve worked, but I soon grew to hate being there so much after a while.

Now, I don’t think I can do a “normal” job like most people. Yet having extra in my wallet wouldn’t hurt neither, but still.

I forget to even think about it honestly. I just want to get the whole applying for a job out of the damn way.

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My job “interview” was kind of an informal chat really. I appreciate it. I think formal interviews are not very helpful to either party. I did have to give a presentation at the end of my trial period :man_shrugging: the other two jobs I did were “nepo baby jobs” — I had connections and I knew I was getting it before going to the “interview”.

So yeah I wouldn’t know about intense interviews :see_no_evil:


So, you lucked out!

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It should be that easy for all of us, and I want to live in a world where it is. ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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If only, if only…

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Special Forces.

If I could rewind my life back to the age of about fourteen, I’d train like hell to get into either the Australian Commandos or the Australian Clearance Divers (SEALs). On average, the selection course (final interview stage) for the Australian SASR has a drop-out / cadet failure rate of 80%. Even qualified Commandos can fail the SASR’s selection trials.

Oh, and there’s a common belief that the British SAS is ‘easier’ to join than the Israeli Sayeret Matkal.

Update: Took me a while to find this image. Some Australian Navy cadets during their Clearance Diver selection course.
(Image source)

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Wow, those guys look tough and hot!
I am sorry for that, but are some fine-looking men, you got there!