Chapter 0/Prologue? It's starting to grow on me the more I do it!

Normally, when it comes to prologues, for the reader it is a hit or a miss. The same applies to writers too.

I used to do prologues more in the past, then came to a point where I just stopped. Now, I am doing it a bit more often.

Some novels deserve a prologue while others do not.

Far as my Alagossia stories, I feel that the MAJORITY of them require a chapter 0/prologue.

To those who wonder why I call it “chapter 0”, I like to think of it as a pilot episode of the novel. So, in a sense it is still the prologue.

Slightly off-topic question: What are your thoughts on prologues in your stories and other people’s stories?


I honestly don’t mind prologues. Like them, even. I used to use them a ton in the past, but don’t anymore because as I’ve gained more knowledge on what prologues are and how they should work, I don’t find a need for them with current projects. Though, this doesn’t mean I’ll never use a prologue as I will someday, but all depends on the story.

But ever since I did learn about prologues, I have liked them less if they’re used in a specific way. Like, some writers will use a prologue when it should just be the first chapter. Others will use it as an excerpt of the story (looking at you, Veronica Roth :roll_eyes:) or something of the sort. All of which makes me cringe. I’ll still read it, of course. But not every book deserves a prologue.


Very true.

THINKING about it. One of the other stories in the Alagossia-verse, I wanted to give a prologue, but it will tie in too much with the backstory of what is happening in The Breakers. Even though this new story is set in the same timeline as The Breakers and overall the world of Alagossia, but still separate in it’s own way.

So, that might not even need a prologue as I originally thought it would. The Breakers has a prologue, but it need some re-tweaking with the time comes.


My view is that prologues should be avoided at all costs, but if they can’t be, then they should be extremely short. No more than a paragraph, really. The reader doesn’t need any backstory to start a book, and it’s better to use that backstory as a little mystery that keeps the reader turning pages just to find out what that secret backstory is. Prologues in that sense are a waste of an opportunity, in my opinion. But since you’re not going to post your story anywhere, you can do what pleases you. (*^-‘) 乃

My current project essentially starts with a prologue, only it’s chapter 1 and it’s not backstory. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


I imagine prologues as being the literary equivalent of an opening text scroll, ala star wars.

This is for when there is

a. complex information
b. that is necessary for the story
c. that CANNOT be delivered naturally in the story itself without lots of infodumping


Exceptionally truthful!
Thank you bunches!