Character ages and their appearances...DON'T MATCH!!!

In the world of Alagossia, there are things like immortality and extended lifespans, depending on the race/species.

Yet the ages that people have in The Breakers don’t match their physical ages for the most part. That is confusing the hell out of me because I can’t pinpoint their real ages.

Forget about birthdays and things of that nature because even that shit eludes me.

Like Elred/Renna, when I think about it, Elred is the divine entity Renna in male form. Renna has no set age because she is completely immortal and ageless which even affects Elred.

However, appearance wise, Elred is in his twenties. Biologically, the man/woman is ageless and does not have an exact age because Renna/Elred is an immortal-ageless divine primordial being.

The others are like that in a sense too.

Civiria has the appearance of a woman in mid to late twenties, but biologically speaking, she is either immortal or just has an extended lifespans than all humans.

The same applies to the others too.
Hell, even Caira who looks like a child that would be at least twelve or thirteen is affected by this too. Biologically, I don’t have the foggiest idea what her age or any of the character ages are.

So, what should I do about this situation?
Do I just state their physical ages rather than dwell on their “biological ages” instead?

Can I say that Elred is twenty-five, but the truth is that he is completely ageless and immortal thanks to Renna?

Thoughts and Feelings on this matter?
Do you have a similar or slightly similar example that you are willing to share with me, pertaining to the characters in your story?

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Usually you explain both as succinctly as possible: x was 40 but stopped aging at 25 because of y. That’s it.


It’s weird you mention that.
Because they age like a normal human, maybe a bit more slowly, but depending on what their race/species is, they will stop aging at a certain elderly age or point in their life.

Elred has yet to fully experience that. His existence is just bizarre to me, but given that he is Renna who is a divine primordial entity that rivals the Firstlings, it makes sense.

@qualeshia3 I agree with J.L.O because I have a vampire character called Hungry Lips, and he is over 90, but still physically 25 because that’s the age he turned at.


But-but why???


Ask him, lol.

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I’m afraid to…

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And now he’s a sad bat :stuck_out_tongue:

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points at characters who are over 5,000 and look 18 at most
points at characters who are over 10,000 and have only just started showing signs of aging
points at characters nearing 20,000 who are still alive, kicking, and not to be messed with
points at characters who are around 200 and look like teenagers

Honestly, ages are overrated. Just mention what they are if you want to and don’t go into explanations unless it’s necessary


Damn…I got characters who existed before the dawn of their universe and time.

Or just a million years, maybe a little less than that.

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So, age is nothing but a number…in some ways?

Thanks Aaliyah!


I got some too but just call them Ageless to save time :joy:

Pretty much

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The only person who needs to concisely k ow the details is the writer, in case it becomes important later. Other than that, readers don’t always retain it all.


True, true!

Geldrid is almost seventeen thousand years old, and he looks about fifty. He has grey hair encroaching upon his head, and taking hold of his face, but he still has the physical ability of a younger man. Late thirties maybe…


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I wouldn’t worry about it at all if I were you since you’re writing fantasy. I’m writing realistic fiction and have the same issue, but it’s part of the plot. My character’s just turned fifty and looks something like this


…but she gets plastic surgery in the course of the novel and looks about thirty after that. I think readers will always mentally create their own characters in their heads anyhow, and will ignore how the writer describes them. I always do. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


I suppose so and it makes sense due to me not showing my story to anyone.

Still, I get really confused on the matter.

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Sorcerers begin slow aging at the turn of puberty. So, MC Cypur, who is fifteen has already begun the process. It’s not an unusual thing, so I don’t dwell on it. Just say that he started slow aging at the turn of puberty like everyone else.

Sorcerers do count the years as part of aging even though their bodies have slowed. So, an old Sorcerer Thereanbold says he’s 500 years old, for example. To a non-Sorcerer MC, he explains that physically he feels around seventy and still young and spry :wink:

Another instance, when Scotch the Halfhuman sees his first Sorcerer, he thinks “Looks not much older than I am, but he’s probably hundreds of years old.”

I don’t go into too much detail, but I do make it clear that Sorcerer appearances don’t always match their ages especially after puberty.

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Sorry for the VERY late reply.

That’s pretty interesting and cool.

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