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- Page updated September 18, 2021 -


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- C L I C K   F O R   P R I C E S   A N D   S A M P L E S -


  1. It is highly recommended that you read the Terms of Service before commissioning.

  2. You are paying for a digital file. I don’t make or send prints.

  3. All prices are in AUD (Australian dollars) and are applied on a per character basis.

  4. These illustrations are for personal use only and should not be included in your books if commercially published (self-publishing included).

  5. I only draw people; no furries/anthros or full armour.



Payments are handled via PayPal’s invoice system. You will need to provide an email address to receive your invoice and your finished commission.

A detailed ToS is available on my commissions website and included on the invoice.




Optional Order Form

Customer information:
PayPal email:

Character information:

  • Name:

  • Age:

  • Gender:

  • Skin tone: (light/tanned/dark)

  • Eye colour:

  • Hair colour:

  • Hair style: description + an image reference if you have something specific in mind (or I will just do my own version)

  • Clothing & accessories:
    description + image references please (unless it’s something simple then description only is fine.)

  • Facial expression or character personality:
    e.g. smiling, smirking, crying, cheerful, determined, angry

  • Pose (if half-body):

  • Character interaction (if multiple):


Thank you!




S I M P L E   S K E T C H



Thanks to a reader, I’ve learned that the plague that is NovelHD/DocTruyen has been editing the written disclaimers at the end of my chapters to say NovelHD instead of Wattpad (presumably they use a bot).

But they also copy every image you add to your chapters, so I’ve opted for using an illustrated disclaimer instead :upside_down_face:

If you would like your own version of that last panel to use as a disclaimer at the end of your chapters (featuring 1-3 chibis) I’m offering them as commissions via Ko-fi for $15AUD (~$10USD) (。・∀・)ノ゙

Link down below!

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:sparkles: Chibi Commissions have been added :sparkles:

I’ve also updated the website a bit too :blush:


Commissions are currently open.

Trying to make up for some lost income since I don’t get teaching shifts over school break, so if you know anyone who might be interested, I’d greatly appreciate if you could forward my commissions website to them.

Thank you :beautifulheart:

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Commissions are now CLOSED.

Full up for the next month or so.

Thank you for your submissions! :beautifulheart:

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I have been very busy (and thus, inactive on Wattpad), but here’s a cover commission I did not too long ago :beautifulheart:

Hoping to reopen soon!