Character Questions

Someone will ask a question. Someone else will answer the question as their character. Then they will ask a question for another to answer.

What is your favorite food?

Character: Apples
What is your character’s favorite activity?

I will start
Does your character has an item that is special to them?


Kenna: I have an emerald green cloak which was given to me by one of the White Sisters (the women I grew up with) as a parting gift before I left on a long and dangerous journey. The cloak symbolizes both good and bad memories of my home. Even though the Sisters have betrayed me, the sentimental part of me can’t throw the cloak away, so I stuffed it into a trunk instead.

Q: Who knows all of your character’s secrets and why?


Sunset: They’re secrets for a reason, I don’t trust anyone with them. The only person who knows some is Sy, because we share them.

Q: What is your character’s favorite smell and what memory does it bring?

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Dropzone: . . .
He shrugs.

Q: Is your character introverted or extroverted?

A: Niko is an amibvert. He’s very social when he wants to be, but he has to have space.

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Ask a question

Q: How is the old man?

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Dropzone: Dead.
Q: Does your character have a family?


Blaise: just my two brothers…the rest are all dead…
Q: opinion on school?

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Dropzone: Don’t go there anymore.
Q: How would your character react if they accidentally joined the Italian Mafia?

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Blaise: whats that? and what tf is italy?
Q: opinion on cute pajamas?

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Dropzone: . . . get out.

Q: What is your character?

Possibly a demon–but mainly just a tragic, angry human.

What is your characters most innocent wish?

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Dropzone wants to see his family again, even if it is one last time

Q: Which of your characters is the strongest? Which is the weakest?

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My strongest character is probably Lady S–she’s an immortal witch whose heart controls one of the worlds most deadliest weapons in the story-world.

My weakest character (physically) is a different character’s five-year-old brother, Blue.

Between main characters, though, I would say that Ella (from my fantasy series) is by far the strongest physically and magically of all my main characters–though she does quite contend with a different main character, who can talk to the dead (apart of a different series).

The weakest character is probably Jared, who is just a normal teenaged boy who likes passivity more than physically (and verbally) fighting an opponent.

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Question: Do you have a character that represents a specific message in the story–rather than the main overall theme–or something smaller?

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I’m not sure if this counts, but Dropzone shows how much pain can change someone.

What is your character’s view on a perfect world?

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Niko has a father and a step mother and a step sister. He’s not on good terms with his biological mother.

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A: Niko regards it as a delusion made by ideologues.
Q: What offer would temp your character most?

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Not sure

Does your character have any friends? Which is closest to them?

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A: Niko has two friends, both very close. Otto and his cat, Tsarina.

Q: Your character’s greatest enemy, other than themself?

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