Characters and plot centered around the world or vice versa?!

Which is most appealing, if done correctly?

Worldbuilding where the characters and plot are center stage or Worldbuilding where the characters and plot are just there, but the world is far more interesting OR a healthy balance of the world, characters, and plot blending together?

What do you think?
I hope I make sense.



This is a difficult choice

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I apologize. :sweat_smile:

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Both, if you can get a good balance…

The peoples and their troubles are as interesting as the events that unfold for them.

The world is as interesting as you make it in both visuals and layout of the lands in which the peoples dwell.

Mix both with rich history and lore, and they bind together nicely.


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Omg LotR would be an incredibly boring story if it was just about the shire, Gondor, Mordor, Moria, Rivendell and all the other locations. Who cares about them? Those places only have significance because of what the characters do there. Settings should serve the story, not vice versa. ʕʘ_ʘʔ


All of the above. It really depends on the actual plot of the story

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Unless it’s a tour guide. Imagine reading a tour guide to Modor. What kind of person would want to go to Modor on vacation?


Can you imagine it? ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

“Come see where the rings of power were originally forged! View our beautiful and exotic lava pools! Visitors are advised to avoid the locals whenever possible, however, due to complaints of violent interactions. Visitors should also ensure that vaccinations against poisonous spiders are up to date!”


Maybe if you’re an orc making a record of your family history, you’d visit.


I has been summoned :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :fox_face:

I need examples for each :sweat_smile: my brain is fried

Doesn’t worldbuilding heavily influence plot? You can’t have plot without worldbuilding things coming into play, right? I can’t think of a story where the plot had nothing to do with any aspects of the world. If the character is living in the world, already you have to have some world built, right?

I don’t think either are more appealing than the others.

@alenatenjo said it depends on the plot of the story and I agree with that.


when i write, the world is just the backdrop, and the characters are the impetus that drives the plot forward. this tends to work for character-driven dramas, but not every story needs to be structured this way.

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Most “writing gurus” argue that everything, everything should be centered around the characters. Worldbuilding included. I think Dune is a good example because Paul is this messiah-type character and he is at the center of Herbert’s world. This is an example of a story that’s very famous for its world-building. Still, at its core, it is a character-centered work. The Hunger Games is another example. Everything revolved around Katniss as the Mockingjay. The story is designed to progress her development even when it comes to worldbuilding.

But these are Western stories and this principle doesn’t apply to every work. I love One Piece. I would argue that the show is more about the worldbuilding and plot than the characters.

So do whatever you want.

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I see you are a One Piece fan? You understand the greatness of our mighty lord, Goda (God Oda)!

I am please with this comment and so is Luffy. :grin:

All jokes aside, I would have to agree with you because I find myself very intrigued by the world of One Piece too.

I feel another contender is Tower of God the webtoon/manhwa.

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