I’m going to caveat this post with the fact that I’m old and not particularly tech savvy…

I asked ChatGPT to review the opening chapter of a story I’m writing and it came back with a great summary of what had happened and the key characters, but that it could do with some additional world-building.

Has anyone else tried to use this as a way of getting initial feedback?

I thought it was pretty cool (but please refer to my opening caveat!).


I have used ai that use ChatGPT but when ever I use the program itself, it says that there is too much traffic


Oh? That sucks. I’ve not had that problem yet. Just now I copied in 2k words and it reviewed it in 10 seconds.


I’ve been trying to merge two stories so I’ve been throwing commands at ChatGPT to generate me a premise, then a logline, then an outline for a few hours now; can confirm, it did a better job at summarising the plot and outlining than I ever could. :neutral_face:

Also becoming a bit of a simp for Sudowrite and its brainstorming and summarising features rn but I’m unfortunately too broke and too busy studying to make full use of it.


Yes! I was thinking it would be useful for loglines and summaries. Sounds like it did a good job of yours!


As an experiment I just asked ChatGPT to summarize the opening segment of my story’s second chapter, and the results are interesting.

ChatGPT's first response (157 words)

Three people, Krista, Dov and Polanski, are driving in a car from a medical center in Ramat Gan. Dov is holding a girl, Freyja, who was recently in the medical center and is still unconscious. Polanski, the driver, is cautious of any sudden movements that could wake Freyja. Dov asks if the car is soundproof and Polanski explains it belongs to Hannah, a bookworm and classical music fan. Krista expresses her desire for Freyja to see a happy Dov when she wakes up. The original plan was to have dinner in Tel Aviv, but Dov suggests changing it because being in a crowded restaurant could spook Freyja. Polanski suggests they go to the beach instead and have some snacks, with the intention of postponing their celebrations for another night. Krista agrees and decides to send a message to Karen, who lives about twenty minutes south of Be’er Sheva, to let her know they will be home late.

ChatGPT's expanded response (300 words)

A black Alpina B6 car exits the Sheba Medical Centre’s parking lot and joins the evening traffic in Ramat Gan. Krista, sitting in the front passenger seat, looks at Dov in the back seat who is holding a girl named Freyja wrapped in a bedsheet. Krista tells the driver, Polanski, that they don’t have to be so cautious because Freyja, who was just taken out of the hospital, is unlikely to wake up. However, Polanski is cautious because Freyja almost woke up during the surgery and traffic could scare her. Dov asks if the car is soundproof, to which Krista responds that it is because the car belongs to Hannah, an orchestra fanatic.

Dov points out that being in a restaurant in Tel Aviv would not be a good idea for Freyja, as she would draw a lot of attention and he does not have the energy to deal with it. Polanski suggests that they go to the beach instead, where Freyja can learn to move around and it will also be a romantic location for her first night with Dov. Krista agrees and sends a message to Karen, who lives about twenty minutes south of Be’er Sheva, to let her know they will be home late.

Throughout the conversation, Krista reveals her disdain for Tel Aviv and the people who live there because they do not like the military. Polanski tries to keep the peace and suggests a compromise for the evening. The story ends with the group driving to the beach and preparing to have snacks and spend the night there.

The second response got a few important details wrong. For example, Krista identified the beach as a ‘romantic location’ because she is constantly teasing / mocking Dov. The last paragraph looks like filler, just summarising a part of the summary.

Also, both responses missed the section where Freyja wakes up, and where the group arrives at the beach. Maybe that’s an indication of ChatGPT’s prompt word limit…It had to stop a third of the way into the chapter extract…


I like it for brainstorming. We back and forth a lot. It has some neat worldbuilding and character suggestions. Plus it has a memory too so you can just keep adding to the database and asking for improvements and suggestions lmao I love AI.


Ha - I recognise these descriptions! I think I must have edited/reviewed a chapter of yours in the past maybe…

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I wonder if they will ever ask a payment to use it, as I truly like it — it helps when I’m stuck and need inspiration :sweat_smile:


Does anyone have tips to use ChatGPT for outlining? When I try, it feels basic and I’d like more details :see_no_evil:

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Perhaps. My perpetually WiP story, Goddess v2.0, has been on Wattpad for a while.

Oh, just found this video on ChatGPT. Interesting times ahead.


Found some more videos on ChatGPT and AI in general.

And somewhat relevant, the flight simulator DCS recently updated their AI opponent software.

Next major AI update might see DCS being contracted by a defence company.


Hey! AI (and specifically ChatGPT) is very fascinating to me, so I do a lot of research lol. I don’t think ChatGPT is a very reliable resource for feedback, and that has to do with how AI is trained—it’s not trying to give you feedback, it’s trying to predict what someone would respond with, which may not necessarily be true. (As in, it may be repeating things it heard already.) This, I think, is the most fascinating part of AI—it doesn’t really understand what it’s doing, it just appears to know.


Sadly, I suspect they will–and quicker than any of us can anticipate, since Dall-E now gives you fifty free generations before you’re forced to pay a monthly subscription thereafter. ChatGPT, currently, is in beta release–by using it, we’re all testing it and making it better by feeding it new information and uncovering bugs. However, I suspect that when that is all said and done, it will no longer be free.

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