Commercial Free Freebies/Resources

let’s become a hoarder like me


Designcuts recently added some new freebies. You can also get freebies at Designbundles, Envato Elements (once a month, or just pay the subscription for unlimited downloads), and some freebies in the freebie pack from Neostock :slight_smile:


Really? Designcuts? On the freebies category? Nice I’ll check it out.

Designbundles actually have a lot of limitatilns, such as views limitation, streams limitation, prints limitation, blah2. So I don’t really like it. How do you deal with those limitations?
OH envato elements have freebies???
I never know that.
And well, if you pay, it is no longer a freebie…
Oh neostock is new for me, it sounded interesting.

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