Conundrum? What type of writer is Sarah?

Meet Sarah, she is a complex published author.

Sarah writes best-selling novels for other people to enjoy, not herself. Why does Sarah do this? Because she wants to be rich and famous and live the easy life forever. The only fiction stories she actually writes insanely well are the ones that she will read and refuses to share with others.

Sarah write awful, trite, overly cliched romance fiction that has made her wealthy because she knows that is what’s popular and trendy.

The fiction she only gorges for herself that she writes strictly to please herself is the fiction she rather not share with others and feel that she can’t get rich from or simply because that is just neant for her only and she hates sharing.

Sarah LOVES the rich lifestyle and and cares to be wealthy. She practices writing terrible best-selling to please the masses, but the reality is that she writes fiction to spend time writing fiction that she only rather read that makes only her happy.

The novels that make her rich and famous aren’t the type of books she will ever pick up and read for herself.

Sarah cares only about being rich and famous, nothing else matters.

What type of writer is Sarah? A fraud? A con-woman? A flake? What is she?

Thoughts and feelings?

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This is NOT a real person, by the way.



A typical one that Goodreads and Booktok promotes.



She isn’t an artist in my eyes, simply a shrewd businesswoman. However, I would instead recommend that she write for younger children in the profitable board book market.


If we could make a backstory for her, she is actually a talented writer, but she rather be rich and only write great books to please herself and herself alone.




Want make backstory or whatever for Sarah, you can?


Sarah was once an innocent girl, who loved Disney and wanted to be a Princess, growing up, until she started Elementary School, and had her first bake sale. It unleashed a side to her that she had never known; the competitive girl boss, with a penchant for excess.

Soon enough, she was baking her own brownies, and selling around her block. All was going well until the three brats (Sally, Lara, and Mo) came around and set up next to her. They were eating into her profits. She became super competitive but still got outnumbered by their friends, being the popular kids, but she promised from that day forward to never let anyone get the best of her ever again.

She wanted it all. She enjoyed collecting profits and even started setting money aside to start a hedge fund when she was older at the ripe age of 8.

Throughout elementary and High School, she did many jobs and saved up money. She started her own ventures on the side as well, with unique business ideas. When she was sixteen, she had enough aside to (mostly) pay for her own Sweet Sixteenth. She invited everyone except the Three Brats.

They were all having a good time, until the Mafia Boss’s son, Andrea joined them. He was looking for some fun. He spotted Sarah, dancing alone in her red dress, looking mighty fine. He smirked and began confidently approaching her. He stood beside her and seductively whispered into her ear:

“Hey, I heard you’re looking for a business partner. I can help you invest the money you saved earlier into a failproof venture… are you up for that?”

Sarah blushed. Her heart began to beat faster, and a smile appeared across her face. “Of course!”

Over the next five years, she garnered a following on Authortube, as she pretended to “plug” her book. She made 350 videos talking about marketing, writing, planning, etc. Andrea kept pumping money at her, and she kept spending it on everything from the channel to toe warmers for her chihuahua, Rat.

Her channel exploded, and she ventured onto TikTok as well. She published her first book The Mafia Himbo, and Moi which was met with many rave reviews. She wrote another and started to become addicted to it. Andrea started a published press called Ditsy Daisy and they started an empire.

She kept churning out generic, trite, and overly cliched romances with plots that were all generated half-drunk by an underdeveloped AI machine, but people didn’t seem to notice. They kept coming back for more and more. Sarah kept getting greedier, and Andrea did too.

Eventually, they began to tire out and slow down. The fans got angry and Sarah tried to pacify them. This went on for six months until they almost fell out. Ditsy Daisy was falling apart at the seams, until a scientist heard of their plight. He sold them 400 genetically modified Octopus with human brains and 16 tentacle hands that could write 400 books a day.

By the end of their first week, they were set for life. They had 160,000 fresh ideas. This went on for three months until the Octopus started to think to themselves (as they had human brains): Why are WE doing THIS for CHEAP? All they do is feed us, and they don’t pay us or give is time off!

Once all of them agreed and got angry, they stormed the Publishing Press and caused chaos. Then, they went after Andrea and the scientist. And then they got Sarah and locked her in a room for three days, with Bad Bunny on repeat (she couldn’t turn it off). She went crazy when the Octopus opened the door ran into a nearby forest, and bit a rabid raccoon, which caused her to foam at the mouth.

When she came back, the Octopus were waiting for her. They were all lined up, ready to tear her apart with machetes. She tried to run away but she couldn’t. They all swarmed her and took her out and that was the end of her. But the Octopus got their own business selling pies when they cloned a little bit of Sarah and turned that meat into beef, by genetically modifying it.

Sarah’s Pies is still the top business … and no one knows the truth behind it :flushed: They all think that Sarah gave up publishing because of the stress and started a new venture.

The Octopuses wanna keep it that way :smiley:


Bravo! Bravo! A masterpiece of a forum post! Preserve this for prosperity!


Dear god, what in the ever loving fuck did I read?!



Glad you liked it :flushed:

You did tell people they could make a backstory for Sarah if they wanted :wink:


I was not expecting that!
Glorious! :joy:


A coward, at the end of the day. (Boy aren’t we all: imposter syndrome.)

Hey, write the trash, make the money.

But most writers who want to write in “a better field” write their trite to make a name and publish what they want, the way they want.

If she’s fully making money off her name, she can still churn out the trash and dabble in her loves.

But anything less than the success to move her name forward enough to publish her loves is with the thought of reaching that status.

I can undwrstand caution while still making your name, but well-established, earning a steady living? Do what the heck you want.

But in all seriousness: Mini Moo is a YA contemporary romance. Do I think a the 40K i chrned out in 10 days and edited up to 50K+ is trash?

Hell no! I love my cow book.


A coward, huh? Interesting way to look at it.

Hey, they are hypothetical, I don’t have to cater to friendships and encourage them to be greater than thwy are. Lmao



someone with a healthy work-life balance, lol

she goes to work and writes what makes money and then she goes home and writes what she wants for herself. That’s the same as doing a regular 9-5 and then going home and crocheting a nice blanket.

She’s not hurting anyone by publishing cliche romance and she doesn’t owe anyone access to her private life. I’m sure it would be frustrating to be her friend and know that she writes really good stuff and won’t publish it, but at the end of the day that’s her free time, that’s her personal hobby, and there’s nothing wrong with her keeping it for herself while her work pays the bills. Especially since we live in a society that regularly glorifies the invasion of our personal lives for the sake of our work lives.

i do think capitalism destroys creativity and that’s one of the reasons i don’t like James Patterson or a lot of booktok, but i don’t see anything wrong with making the system work for you while also making stuff for yourself, free of said system.


Personally I’d do something similar if I could, except I’d publish the crap under a pseudonym and the good writing under my own name so I wouldn’t be remembered as a talentless hack after my death. It could also spark discussion in the future if it was discovered that I was both writers and people wondered why I’d bothered to write the crap. This is a discussion that should happen, about why publishers are allowed to be gatekeepers at all if they don’t weed out the badly written books and publish anything that could potentially make money despite being poorly written.

I can sympathize with a writer who writes garbage just to pay the bills. Being rich would make it possible to write the good stuff. But she’s stupid to keep the good writing to herself imho. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Both @Akje and @copyedit have similar responses.
Great minds think alike! :wink:


i dunno about Akje’s mind but mine is melty soup :rofl: