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19 :eyes: Hello Sock, how’ve you been?



Hey Joy, I’m good. And yourself?

I must say I’m pretty impressed that you’re still writing after all this time.

Do you ever get pissed when you see this?

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Doing well XD I’m preparing to go into self pub after a few people convinced me ngl. You?

HAHA it used to but I know that site is more broken than broken tbh



Sounds great, are you gonna publish the works you have on tapas/wp or are you gonna write something new?



New stuff tbh, all the stuff I’ve written is best for the webserial format which is way more ramble-y and harder to reformat than novels. I may self publish them in the future if I feel like editing and reformatting them but honestly I want to start new with it.

You still writing as well? Also are you working now?



I wasn’t ever much of a writer. I tried back in the wp days for a bit but never really got that far. I’m still wasting away my life for the most part though there’s only so many interviews I can fail before I decide to change career paths.



I remember when you did, said you were more of an editor than a writer. Ugh, the trenches of job interviews. I’m so sorry. We’ve been having labour issues in Canada too and I heard people could go to like 400 interviews and be rejected. It sucks that you haven’t landed something yet Dx



Yeah that writing phase wasn’t very long though and I don’t think I ever published anything publicly then either. It requires too much dedication with the planning, writing, editing, etc. so I’ve never really made it past the 30 minute short story challenges (back in the days when that fad was popular).



Short stories are valid at least. But I totally understand, what genres were you trying to write for it to seem like too much btw?

Are you into any other hobbies lately? New games?

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I think I tried everything from mystery to romance to adventure. Generally anything which didn’t require any fast-paced action. But that was years ago.

Problem was less with the genre and more of me not knowing how to plan properly, or splitting my attention with school and not really having the energy motivation to tackle anything large scale after coming back home.

Hobbies hmm… Been playing some chess lately, not competitively or studying it seriously but it’s been fun just having something to do for a bit. I still really suck at it though but hey, we all have to start somewhere.

As for games I haven’t really been playing that much lately. I do occasionally play Battle for Wesnoth on and off with a friend once every while but we can take like over half an hour for each of our turns so it does get a little draining.

You play any games yourself?

Edit 2:
Was browsing old files recently and came across my Wikipad thread back from the good ol’ Wattpad days so been fixing that up for here even though nobody codes anymore, but it feels kinda bad leaving the migration incomplete.

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nods I understand. I go into writing without planning too much tbh and I let the characters “come to life” so to speak. I totally understand how it can be overwhelming tho

Ooo chess. I played chess a few months ago with a friend for fun since I haven’t attempted since I was a kid. I still don’t think I udnerstand the game XD

Mostly phone app games ngl, I like playing puzzle games while I’m watching a video or a show

Damnnnnnn, yeah I feel like so many plans have fallen through tbh

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Sidetracking here but are you still in contact with anyone from the WP forum days?

I guess this convo has gotten me a bit nostalgic.


30 Sorry for the late reply, sh*t hit the fan at work with union stuff and it has been incredibly stressful

I still talk to Ari. Ari actually visited Toronto recently and we had a lot of fun. I sometimes talk to Greeky on her thread too. Other people you prob don’t know but are slowly going to self pub/trad pub too. You?



All good, I can understand life getting busy. Hope the union stuff works out in your favour.

Nope, lost contact with everyone very quickly xD. I guess that’s on me for not putting in the work to remain connected. I do occasionally say hi to Eli though but that’s about it.



Thanks! I just got off of a call and I’m so ready for all the stuff that’s gonna come.

Rippp that’s fair. Friendships come and go like that sometimes