Curly haired, frizzy haired people, tell me your secrets!

If you have naturally curly hair or frizzy hair, do you have a particular way to maintain it? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

I have very thick, naturally curly hair with quite a bit of frizz. According to the chair below…

I’m around hair type 3b and 3c. For years, I hadn’t been able to maintain it because I just don’t know what to do. I grew up in a family filled with straight hair (literally, type 1-2a’s) and they’re like, “You can use this or this kind of product” but it never works. I gave up long ago. But now as an adult, I’ve somewhat learned what works. I’ve been using L’oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner (the detangler ones) and they’ve helped greatly with making my hair soft and easy to brush through. And then I found a leave-in cream that is also L’oreal Elvive and it’s for curly hair. It’s basically gel as it dries my hair out, but when I put it in, it makes my hair stay the same way all day and makes the curls defined. It also takes away the frizz.

But I want to know if anyone else has any tips and tricks. c:


One of the best things I’ve tried (which mines only like a 2b so not really curly) but only brushing it when I put conditioner in. It helps distribute the conditioner so much better. And then it doesn’t frizz out, because I won’t brush it after the shower


I’m like…2a on a good day :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, some time ago, I saw this thing called the curly girl method. I was watching Sierra Schulttzie. She did this method apparently. I only saw the tail end of her journey and she was saying how it helped her curls and she used to be self-conscious and straighten her hair.

Her hair is probably as curly as yours’ or curlier.

Maybe you could look up the curly girl method?


I do not have curly hair, but a youtuber/livestreamer i watch has really nice 3b/3c hair and every livestream she talks about how much she loves Ouidad hair products.


I fluctuate between 2c-3b depending on how healthy my hair is.

A few tips I’ve learned is to never brush your hair wet. Brush it when it’s dry before hopping into the shower. It’s not good to brush it wet for any hair type, but especially curly hair. I also tend to wash mine 1-2 times a week otherwise it gets dry. I also use a t-shirt to dry it instead of a towel, which squishes it as it dries making it easier to style.


As a sythoid NARB I utilize a daily routine of putting creams and brushing my hair. Aussie is a great brand for me. My hair is like this.

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Is that Lordes the singer?

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Is it? I didn’t know she had hair like that!

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It is Lorde! She has beautiful hair!

And I guess that means you do, too :wink:

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I have 1 (without humidity) or 2A/B hair (high humidity), but I permed my hair into 4A as a young adult.

Since I have hair that will lay flat, I cut my own hair, 90% of the time. Usually it’s an inverse layer, by pulling everything back into a ponytail and cutting across the band. This gives me chin length hair in the front and maybe an inch in the back at the base of the skull: it looks best when it’s grown an inch from the cut.

For my youngest girl’s hair (3A, but often holds straight as weight of hair plus fineness of diameter makes it easy to relax the hair), I put the ponytail on her forehead, then cut just past her chin, giving her layers from her chin to the small of her back. Once it grows out a bit (2 inches), it will all easily stay in a ponytail. My oldest? I hate cutting her hair as it is thin. The boy? I shave his head, but he has hobbit hair until I have had enough.

There is not a lot of care needed.

But when I had those right curls? Yeah, needed to be careful with my hair. Couldn’t just brush it, had to pick at it or brush it in the shower, and I had to use oilier products to get it to not frizz.

Btw, curly or straight, a touch of coconut oil works for cutting down on the frizz, replacing natural hair oils when you wash too much of it off


I used to have slightly wavy hair, but I cut it all off and now it’s short and spiky. And very manageable. I’m not telling you to shave your head or cut it all off, but a good conditioner goes a long way.


I’ve been meaning to do that. There’s also this weird trend going around here you take your hair and blow dry it through a straining utensil (the type to sift baking stuff through) as some videos on TikTok show that it works. I just haven’t had the time for it. :sweat_smile:

Oooh! I’m gonna have to look that up!

It’s weird because my hair looks its best when brushed wet. Lol My hair becomes a mess when brushed dry—it poofs out and gets even tanglier. :rofl:

I won’t brush it until I take a shower again (which I shower 3-4 times a week, but sometimes I get lazy and won’t brush it lol) and keep it in a bun or keep it as a tangled mess for an extra day. But I’ve had times where I have brushed it before a shower (long ago) and it didn’t do anything to it; just made it tangled while in the shower.

The point of me brushing it after a shower is so I can style it because it makes it so much easier when wet. To braid or to set my curls. The top of my head is the frizziest part unless I don’t brush then the rest of my hair adds to it, so when brushed, it keeps the frizz at a minimum but throughout the day or if it’s windy, it does come back.

I have yet to try T-shirt drying, though. I have heard people doing that and I find it so weird but I’ve wanted to try just to see what happens lol I hardly towel dry though. I do put a towel to my head and rub it around just to soak up excess water that drips, but after that, I just keep it off me. I’ll then brush my hair and let it air dry. I never blow dry unless I’m straightening my hair which is once in a blue moon. Blow drying makes it poofy and frizzy.

When I was a teenager, all I wanted was to shave my head. My hair was worse than it is now. Back then, I never brushed it, and as gross as it sounds, I also rarely took showers. Roughly between 1-2 weeks until my hair would get washed. Sometimes I would go 3 weeks. My hair would poof out and become nothing more than a tangled nest if ever brushed dry (because my mom would force a brush through my hair because I hated brushing it).

As a teen this is what I looked like…

To what happens when I had my hair cut and brushed when dry:

To when I would brush after a shower and air dry:

And then what it looked like when brushed after a shower, put in leave-cream from Elvive, shook my head around to get curls, and air dried:


My hair is like 4a so my curls are much tighter than yours. That said, the products I use probably won’t be best for your type of curls but I can say investing in a deep conditioning mask AND protein mask is beneficial for all curl types. Your hair is absolutely lovely in the pictures! Using a deep conditioning mask once a month and a protein mask once every few months will definitely breathe extra life in your curls and help with the frizz. And of course along with all the other replies, don’t brush your curls while it’s dry. I ONLY comb my hair out thoroughly in the shower with conditioner in it. I don’t comb it dry as it can break my hair. I use a leave in as well but I usually do twists styles since it’s easier to maintain for my hair type.


I have the same kind of hair as you do! Tbh, I don’t put effort into maintaining mine because I can never get it to look good :sweat_smile: so I cut mine a little shorter so it doesn’t get tangled (shoulder length ish), and then I just use Tresemme curly hair shampoo/conditioner every other day, brush, and air dry. But I do still have frizz if it’s humid out (I live in a temperate rainforest, so it’s always humid lolol). Let me know if you find something that works well for you and maybe I’ll try it out too!


I’ve never tried a hair mask… :thinking: I’ll definitely try that! My sisters have (though they have straight/sort of wavy hair) but I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know anything about hair and feel like too much product is too much. :rofl: But now that I’m older, I feel like it’s best to try things to see if something works or not lol.

I feel that. :rofl: Since I was a child, I wouldn’t do much with it unless my sister styled it for me, but it wasn’t until high school where I started putting it in ponytails (other than it being down and chaotic) and then after high school, I just put it up in buns and have been doing that since. But they’re often not pretty buns, like not styled with a bun band thing and pins—I’d just twist it into a bun shape and put a rubber band in it. It’ll often look like an actual messy bun. :sweat_smile: But sometimes, I do actually try and make it look styled. Otherwise, I’ll often do braids (one or two) or a ponytail. I’ve also started doing French twists if I can get it into a twist because sometimes, my hair refuses to do anything fun and exciting. :rofl:


Interesting… :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

Sounds like the Little Mermaid and her fork :sweat_smile: I suppose they use it because it’s available in every household more or less. You can probably just use a hairnet or something.

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Your teen pictures! So cute!
And your hair is so beautiful and so are you! :blush:

Good luck on your hair journey!

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1, 2ab? When I cared for my hair (kept it long), deep conditioning was ideal at about once a month, especially if I was dying my hair. It is a trade-off in volume since my hair isn’t coarse.

Now I keep it short enough that it it gets early damage, I just cut it off.