Dedications| Can You Dedicate Your Book To A Fictional Character From Someone Else's Series?

Hello peeps,

I’m here with a question that no one has ever probably considered, but I’m considering doing it.

First…who? I’m considering dedicating the book I’m writing to Nesta Archeon (a fictional character from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series)

Next…why? I have no life, and I’m fond of Nesta Archeon.

Finally, the question: Can I dedicate the book I’m writing to this character?

Rue Jay

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I never thought of doing that. I didn’t know that people even did that.

I don’t know about dedicating to a fictional character specifically, it’s not something that I’ve seen, but no one’s saying you can’t. I think it’s completely appropriate to mention an author who you look up to in your acknowledgments though, something along the lines of “I’d like to thank Sarah J. Maass for her work, without Nesta Archeon’s story I wouldn’t have been inspired to write my own…” you know?


Well, Nesta comes to my mind because Sarah J. Maas mentions that Nesta loves romance novels , especially smut, so I was like, “Hey… what if I do something out of the ordinary and dedicate the novel to this character?” But dedicating the book to Sarah J. Maas is also an option.

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Dedications aren’t the story and shouldn’t be copyright infringement. I personally would do it to both the character and the author, if I did it.

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