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It’s me again. I’m trying to write a very steamy scene that occurs in the second chapter of my book. But the first thing I need to cover is describing how the two characters kiss. Can anyone help? I would be very grateful.

X Rue Jay

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You can definitely use any sections or ideas below since I’m not writing this anymore, but here’s how I write mine:

Jae, without a warning, closed in on her. His hands found their way around her neck and his mouth was on hers.

Understanding the situation, Raina frantically pulled him closer, begging him to kiss her harder. “This is better,” she whispered through a smile, carding her fingers through his hair. She laughed into his mouth and kissed him deeper and longer. The taste of the alcohol overwhelmed her, lighting up her skin. Not breaking the kiss, she stripped off his blazer and tossed it into the back seat.

So, a lot of describing movements if you’re looking for more of a fast paced make out scene. OR, if it’s intimate, take your time building the suspense by explaining how they’re looking at one another and where they’re looking at, such as: she’s waiting for his hand to touch her, or looking at the way his mouth is parting, or subtle build ups before they actually kiss.

I don’t know, hope it was helpful!!


Ah, crap…

I’ve written an erotica as an exercise on scenes, but since it was focused on sex and not kissing, it would take me forever to figure out where the kissing is…ummm…

Let’s see, there’s a ton of ways to handle it, but if it’s the first kiss, it’s best that the one leading tease into it, kissing the edge of the mouth, a light nip, something.


When you write a kissing scene i know a lot of people prefer to describe the emotions rather than the physical (saliva ew lol) what’s going on if that helps at all.

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