Desert Desserts - Group Editing

Ohh I like the drowned saint!!! And if you add the culty stuff to reinforce that, that would be so cool!

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@ShinobiSakura I will send you my re-edit copy of Wolf & Hood- urban fantasy rom com with some mystery. There is only 4 chaps so far but will be adding biweekly min a chap.

I was leaning on that one too. I think the Salt Saint sounds a little too tongue twisty

For 12 Things…the plot is that Lola’s husband over time breaks her down enough so that she kills him. I was thinking that since she was this happy, good girl before him and he trashed her life- The Desecration of Lola McKenzie

Or is that not really on vibe with the story?

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NO I LOVE THAT it fits with the murder mystery vibes PERFECTLY!

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- Brittani’s Tracking -

@TMinx804 || Come Away With Me || 20 || 20 ||

|| Lavender Hall || 21 || 14 ||

@CarlaBlack || The White Forest (4th Draft) || 9 || 1 ||

@KnightofEmpires || Midnight Lotus|| 9 || 9

|| All These Wicked Lies || 1 || 1

@akaiItachi || Spells || 32 || 32 ||

@Halfley || Awaiting Story || 0 || 0 ||

@Shea || Throne Of Misery || 25 || 25 ||

Myself || Cake Toppers || 21 || 2 ||

|| Erin’s Mistakes || 25 || 0 ||

|| Wedding Bells || 1 || 0 ||

User || Book || Chapters Posted || Last Chapter Read ||

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Posting this simply so I can see where Im at and what I need to catch up on without having to scroll back 3+ months. Does anyone miss the group assignment post? Are they helpful to you? I can start those up again if people are interested. Just not sure if they are useful since everyone seems to be on their own track.

Thank you for filling out that form. If I continue the group assignment posts (Based on peoples opinions) I’ll make sure you are added to that. As for now, my email is please share your story with me. I don’t really have a story to share right now. :slight_smile:

Thanks. i cant find your email though

Sent mystory to you. Hopefully i did it right. If not, let me know

I don’t think we really need the group posts, if that makes your life easier. I’m just not sure for myself if I’m going to go back to just having one story out for editing or just let it a free for all lol.

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@ShinobiSakura Click on and it will show.

Honestly I have no idea where I am at respective to others stories. Some I think I am ahead comparatively others behind. lol It’s been so long. I vote for a reset if we are planning on doing assignments again as I just can’t remember or we can continue todo our own pacing if that’s easier for where everyone is at. I am finally seeing some down time I can block in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:

I’ve been on hiatus for quite some time, but I liked the assignment posts! They let me know who wrote what stories(in the beginning) and who was on hiatus. It also helped make the group feel active and gave me something to react to while on hiatus to show that I was still present here.

I think everyone was on different parts of various stories, so I suggest a more generic weekly post, including who’s active and who’s on hiatus and what stories they have for critique (let that be one or a couple).

That said, I won’t mind if we don’t have them. :slight_smile:

Thanks. You should get the link in the email. The second email. I goofed the first😅

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Recieved! I sent you mine as well with edit access. Requested access to yours if you can accept :pray: or if you hit the share button and invite me through my email directly should be able to get and then can customize if you want me as an editor/ commentator. If you hit editor I will be able to make in line suggestions or can also just comment whichever you would prefer. :slight_smile:

Hi Tori, I need your story yet :slight_smile:

:waning_crescent_moon: Tiffani :waxing_crescent_moon:

@Vintaginity - Wedding Bells 10 // 4

@KnightofEmpires - Wolf & Hood 13 // 3

- Midnight Lotus 9 // 9

-All These Wicked Lies 1 // 0

@Shea - Throne of Misery 25 // 25

@CarlaBlack - The White Forest 10 // 6

@akaiItachi - Spells 32 // 28


Did everyone read Lavender Hall? I’m not sure if anyone did that one yet.

You want a share on my story?

- :sparkles:Knightly :sparkles: -

My Stories:

:crescent_moon:Wolf & Hood-Second Draft- 6 chaps ongoing - working on 7

:white_flower:Midnight Lotus- 9 chaps - ongoing- Paused.


:ring:*@Vintaginity || Wedding Bells || 10|| 1- starting

:smiling_imp:*@TMinx804 || Lavender Hall || 10 || 0 ||starting

Come Away With Me || 10 || 0 ||Recieved

:performing_arts: *@ShinobiSakura || Project Shadow || 36 || 1- Starting

:wolf:*@CarlaBlack || Ornella’s Fable 4th draft test || 4 || 1- Paused

:full_moon:*@Shea || Throne of Misery || 24 || 24-waiting on new- hiatus

:sparkler:*@akaiItachi || Spells || 32 || 27 | -Paused

User || Book || Chapters Posted || Last Chapter Read ||

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Updated to chap 6 of new Wolf & hood draft. And have started chipping away at stories again. Just putting this here so I know here I am at. @TMinx804 I still have Lavender Hall to read and the fae one just finishing up Devils Highway today.

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yes please :slight_smile:

I’m in the middle of Lavender Hall, just haven’t been able to sit down and finish it. :slight_smile:

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