Digital Semi-Realism Oil Painting & Chibi Commissions

2021 Commissions

Hello! I am opening commissions for digital oil paintings! Payment will be through Paypal or Payoneer. Before guided through my pricelist, please read through my rules and additional notes below!

Rules & Info

  1. Do not remove my watermark or reclaim the artwork as yours, or even edit the piece as you’d like. You may not resell the image to the extent as to make prints or merchandise from my artwork, or resell the piece for money.
  2. Before the final work I will sent you the colored piece before finalized render where you could ask for revisions but for 2 times only. Do not ask for payment refund/chargebacks.
  3. Final payment does not include international fee. The fee rate is 4.4% + $.30, you may calculate using PayPal Fee Calculator | (international transaction). The email/bank details will be given once you’ve sent the request. Please send the payment upfront after I’ve accepted.
  4. Simple characters are what I could mostly draw, nothing too complicated and preferably humanoid. (Animal/unique features are allowed to an extent, ask questions first!) I can’t draw characters with overly complicated designs (ex: mecha/armored), furries or a character resembling more of an animal, not safe for work art and political/hate art.



+ BUST SHOT — $20 (additional character: +$10)

+ HALF BODY — $25 (additional character: +$15)

+ FULL BODY — $30 (additional character: +$20)


+ HEAD SHOT — $10

Contact me via email or chat me here!


Your art is amazing. I’d love to be able to paint like that.


thank you ^^ that’s very sweet of you !

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