Discrimination in your fictional world?

When it comes to discrimination in your fictional worlds that are not Earth, what are they normally like? How different are they from the way it is on Earth or are they similar in a way?

Tell me, about what prejudice and discrimination and spiteful judgement is like in the fictional world?

How does your characters deal with discrimination and hostility on a daily basis or later as the story progresses?

I want to know everything if you are willing to tell me!
Thoughts and feelings?



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They follow the logic of their world. In TMaKCT, the ruling class with magical power is dark skinned elves. That means at least one letter comes in complaining about the paler MC.

It makes sense to the world. That simple.

That being said, I don’t wallow there, I let someone object about it, and I moved on because I don’t want to dwell on it.


In my story, synthetics are discriminated against and seen as less than humans. People got so used to treating androids like machines and tools that when synthetics came around, they were treated the same, despite having thoughts and emotions like humans. They look and act human, but the second someone realizes they aren’t human, they often get mistreated and looked down on. It’s this kind of treatment that the MC fights to change. He hopes to show people that despite not being human, synthetics are still people in their own right and should be treated no different than humans.


Oh boy that’s a hard one. It’s different for all the worlds and I have so many :joy:


My story takes place on a fictional earth, but things operate the same way there. I just took real life discrimination against LGBT+ people as it actually happened in Great Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries, but moved it to a fictional world. There’s a time-compressed outcome in that eventually the laws are overturned and discrimination dies out through education and legislation, except that in real life it takes centuries and in the book it just takes a change in the monarchy. Once a popular gay king sits on the throne, people revert back to their 18th century macaroni love. (>‿◠):v:

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theres so much esp within tustria

for background, tustria is a fictional country in a fictional universe. the two largest racial groups in a certain district of the country are the fors peoples (lives north of the river primarily) and the rega* peoples (who live south of the river). unfortunately a LOT of cultural ideas tend to paint the rega in a bad light (if we include the myths of the old gods of tustria)

and even the rega dont like some of the other ethnic minorities; theres the thracian peoples who live on the border of said state and another country called astoria. the rega do not like said peoples either because of a long-standing feudalism contract


Discrimination happens based on race, size (tall or short, skinny or fat), religion, accents (e.g. the clipped city accents vs the slurred rural accents), politics, and financial status (wealthy vs poor).

With Sorcerers, those with lesser magick may be discriminated against by Sorcerers with more powerful magick. Sorcerers also discriminate against Sorcerers who were born from non-magical Humans and adopted into Sorcerer families. The Human-born Sorcerers, or Human-borns, can become just as powerful as any normal Sorcerer, yet Sorcerer-born Sorcerers see them as lesser.

In most of Elgana, there’s no discrimination based on gender, sexuality, or skin tone. Citizens openly talk about gender and sexuality. No one bats an eye at different skin tones.

I said most of, because there was a time in Sorcerer society when gay couples were frowned upon more so than lesbian couples. It was a stupid Sorcerer aesthetics thing. This led to many gay couples being arrested if they were caught dating in public. Thank goodness that’s the past now.

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