Do brainstorming writing buddies exist? [a writing buddy talk thing]

Basically, the thing is that I need to brainstorm with spoilers for my story. I need to talk to another human and not just myself. I’m currently editing my debut novel. It’s quite serious. More so than if I was going to publish this on Wattpad.

But I don’t want a read-for-read partnership because I don’t have that time right now. I also don’t think you have to have read the story to brainstorm ideas. As long as you have a good blurb and know something about the world it should be okay.

For my current situation,

I’m trying writing buddies with someone outside of Wacky. I’ve laid out my expectations for the writing buddy partnership beforehand which includes brainstorming and encouraged her to do the same, but she’s really not keen on revealing much. Everything is super vague. Which is fine. But me going on and on about my story just feels like I’m pushing my story on them. Not fair, you know?

Maybe “writing buddy” is the wrong role to look for? If I want to brainstorm my story and willing to help with theirs, is there a different role for that? There is “critique partner” but that involves a read-for-read, right? Or no?

Thoughts? Ideas? Or, offers?


I do thos intermittently woth @JohnnyTuturro already. And Im in a small dischord for moms who write who do similar. So, I know people do it.


Wait you have Discord?

Yeah, writing groups are good and so are people who you can brainstorm with.

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Maybe I should ask on IG again and be more specific this time? Or, ask someone I already talk to :thinking:

The problem with my current situation is that I haven’t interacted much with that person before :sweat_smile:

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Yes, on this newest phone and it automatically pings my phone so I see it, instead of gmsil fussing me about not reading my posts.

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Oh, didn’t know that. I go on it occasionally, not a lot.

Gmail is urgh, lol.

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