Do you have Action and Horror movie recommendations?

I’m looking for recent action movies or horror movies. No Netflix movies. I don’t use Netflix. Recent meaning the release is between late 2017 to early 2022.

What I’m not interested in is the 007s, the Tom Cruise movies, and Arnold Swarzanegger (I totally butchered his name XD) and anything to do with robots. Not interested in robots. Also, no King Kong or Godzilla type of monster attack movies. Similarly, no gigantic spider, ant, shark, alligator attacks. Also, sorry @/NotARussianBot, no dinosaur movies.

As for horror, I’m not interested in parasites or pandemic movies. No zombies and no movies like Saw where people are captured in mean contraptions and tortured.

I don’t have a language preference meaning that I don’t mind watching something with subtitles. So, it doesn’t have to be English. But no Japanese movies or anime because I’m from Japan and those movies are easy to gage if they’re good or not. It’s the other ones I need help on.

Got anything? Don’t be afraid to give me a loooooong list. Not only will I pick and choose which ones I’m interested in, but I have to go through and find which ones are available in Japan and then check if they are available at my local video rental shop or on Amazon Prime.


Thank you Nerd Explains and How to Beat! You, too, Ryan Hollinger!

The Girl with All the Gifts
Sweet Home
Overlord(not the anime
Saint Maud

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I put some k-horror on my list! Korean and Japanese are pretty different languages.

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okay, hear me out, it’s from 2009 but they just released the prequel this year and they’re both on Amazon Prime. sooooo,

Orphan followed by Orphan: First Kill


I can recommend some more cool movies if you’re fine with something a bit older

Get out and Us for horror

Do you enjoy fast and the furious? That would count as action and I know at least one came out in that time frame.


Well there just goes my list. :sweat_smile:

Just kidding. Maybe. Haha

For action movies:

John Wick

Ready Player One

Honest Thief

The Tomorrow Wari


And if you want to break your Tom Cruise rule… Top Gun: Maverick. Loved it more than the original.

As for horror movies….

Alien: Covenant. You don’t even have to see the others to know much about this one.

A Quiet Place



Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

No Exit. Technically a thriller, but can still be scary at times.


Here are some good action films (release date unknown)

The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Twelve Strong
The Outpost
The Villainess
Blood Diamond
Body of Lies
Mad Max: Fury Road
Sky Knights (Les Chevaliers du Ciel)


Is that the one with the girl who’s not actually a little girl? Esther? I’ve been debating watching that one.


Hmm, not really interested in that car chasing series. Although I do like police chasing people and gun fights :stuck_out_tongue: Like Bastille Day. Or Baby Driver (recently watched. That was fun.)

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The titles are sometimes different in Japanese so I might have seen some of those… I’ll have to check. I did see Midsommar.

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I saw A Quiet Place. I also noticed there’s a sequel. You think that’s any good? :stuck_out_tongue: Idk why we need a sequel, honestly.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, I’m sure I saw it at the rental store so that’s great :smile:

Eli sounds interesting. I like one-name-title movies :stuck_out_tongue: Like Orphan is Esther in Japan and that’s been intriguing me on and off.


Would something like Aliens be of interest? Never mind. Just realized this movie was made in olden times.

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I reccomend Downfall, even if it came out in 2006 and is entirely in German. Certainly a horror-ish movie to me.

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How do you feel about gore and/or cosmic horror related movies?

As long as the gore isn’t from horrendous torture like SAW.

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Ah, I got nothing.

Umm…there are two movies that I enjoy personally, but you have to see if they are tailored to your liking.

The Ritual.
The Void.

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I personally liked

  • The Witch, The Lighthouse, The Northman (all made by the same guy so maybe people either like or dislike his style)
  • It Follows
  • Mother!
  • Get Out
  • Annihilation

Fron the ones already mentioned, I also like The Orphan and Mad Max: Fury Road. also I’m usually 0% into superhero stuff, but Logan is more of an action/western and it’s great.

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I think a sequel could’ve helped in some ways like see if the aliens ever left or died out or why they truly came, etc. But it didn’t. It honestly sucked. It was even quieter than the first (which I didn’t mind, but even when they talked, you could barely hear them) or maybe that was just my movie theater lol. But even then, it was basically the same storyline as the first. xD

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The ending of the first one was so cool. The way they took fierce charge? So cool. Turn the volume up. Yes, that’s the way to go.

Ugh, I hate it when movies do that. Just because the first one worked doesn’t mean the sequel should be a repeat :stuck_out_tongue: The story has to evolve, last I checked.