Do you reference TV shows or movies often?

I often weave Disney and Nickelodeon (usually Spongebob) references in my every day life dialogue. Like, my sister and I will be at a restaurant and be sing, “Can we get the billll?” (a reference from Bluey), or if we’re feeling happy, we might say, “I’m satisfied with my care.” (A reference from Big Hero 6). We’ll also just randomly put Spongebob quotes in, too, like when we get dressed, I might say, “Am I a pretty girl?” xD

Just wondering if anyone else did and what your favorites are?


bold of you to assume i talk to people.


I mean, you can also just say it to yourself. :sweat_smile: I do, too. :rofl:

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You talk to me.

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I can and I will take any opportunity to.

Ibdont quite accurately. Mt hisband does. So I sometimes badly quote to get to him.

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gonna walk around the house muttering Bones quotes to the cat :rofl:

tarsals, metatarsals, phalanges!

is a robot a people? :thinking:

(i thought the question meant irl)

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All the time, haha. It’s fun to see who notices

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I’m a walking drag race and white lotus quote book. My friends think it’s funny but I don’t think they realise they’re quotes :laughing: My lover is also a quote book so I’m sure our conversations sound weird and nonsensical to anyone who’s eavesdropping.

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We make a lot of references in this household :joy:

More than I should :joy:

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I thought you meant in our stories which I was going to say yes.

I’ve referenced,
The Christmas Carol - Scrooge is mentioned as being a philanthropist but he doesn’t appear as a character
Singin In the Rain - “Good morning, good morning, to you. And you, and you, and you!” I changed it, of course, but it’s there (and the character is actually singing in the rain)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - a nod to the Lion and the Unicorn poem
IT the movie - “you’ll float, too!” part given a nod using different words
Wizard of Oz - I don’t even remember…because it was a lot.

With my mom I quote Nemo a lot.
Just keep swimming.

I quote Bugs Bunny cartoons a lot with her.

And Winnie the Pooh :stuck_out_tongue:

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…I just keep hearing Wallaby Lane.

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