Does anyone go to the laundromat near their home?

This is a question for people who don’t have their own washer and dryer and have to go to a place to do their laundry.

Are you that type of person? I asked this because me and my mother don’t have the luxury to buy our own washer and dryer or get a place that has one in the apartment.

So, thoughts and feelings?

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I’ve had different seasons where I’ve used laundromats. I dislike the level of repair they have in those places. If I was stuck in a position where I couldn’t use a full size washer, couldn’t get a dryer, I’d be looking into the small portables:

This means things like tshirts and underclothes, leggings. I’d only be going in when I’ve got too much to wash or heavy things like jeans.

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I have my own, but I didn’t always, and grew up using them. Thanks to living in an RV and hotels throughout my childhood lol :sweat_smile:

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If we didn’t have one, we’d have a problem because the nearest is over an hour away ;-; But I have used a lot while travelling and each one always has its own problem :joy:

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I’ve had to rely solely on Laundromats for the last three years. Mostly due to landlords and plumbing being unable to run washers and dryers in the apartments

(Plus there is zero room in these tiny spaces as it is)

My take on laundromats is that it depends:

A) on where you’re willing to expand your money/time. It might be cheaper to use a laundromat’s washing machine but you have to expend time to do it. Or you might save time by having your own washer and dryer, but you’re spending the money there.

(Plus cost of living varies in every city/state.)

B: Atmosphere is key! I went to a large laundromat for the greater half of these three years and frankly didn’t love it. Machines were always broken, the TV constantly played old reruns, and that laundromat was a favorite for large groups that would hog up five washers and dryers at the same time.
More recently tho, I’ve found a much smaller, cozier spot and it’s been a much better experience. Plus it’s a little cheaper heh

So my thoughts: the laundromat, in my experience, is generally a drama free spot but sometimes the vibes don’t quite match. You might have to try a few different options before you find one that works for you

Otherwise my clothes are usually pretty clean after using the laundry services so :sweat_smile:

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Yikes! That’s insane!

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I honestly envy people who can afford those nice washers and dryers or live in an apartment that already has one on their unit.

My last apartment, me and my mother lucked out when we got a washer. It was old and loud, but it did its job until it broke down for good. That washing machine came with the apartment already.

Now, we have the laundromat near our apartment. It’s great, but I wish I can have that experience we had back in our old apartment.

Such is life…


Does your apartment have washer/dryer hookups? And if so, have you tried Facebook Marketplace?

When my sister and I moved into our house (which has hookups), we couldn’t afford a brand new set (who the heck can? :upside_down_face:) and so she and our parents looked on Marketplace for a set and found one for 100 dollars (50 each). They were old, but they did their job. Until something happened and they broke a few years later.

It was actually the first time since we moved in that we used the laundromat (because before we moved in, we had used the same one so it brought back nostalgic vibes), and we also couldn’t afford another set (at all this time). But my sister got lucky that one of her church members was about to sell their set and decided to give it to us. They’re rich, though. Like really rich. The set he gave us was a total of 4-5,000 dollars, barely used, and he was only going to sell them because his wife got mad that he bought the wrong type (they’re front loaders; she wanted top loaders).

I’m still in awe by them and it’s been almost a year. :sweat_smile:

But I’m sorry that you feel that way. :sadhug: If it came with the apartment, aren’t they responsible or able to replace it? Or do you own your place? Because I know that if you rent a space, usually, the landlord is responsible for replacing things. Like if the fridge is broke, they have to replace it, so on and so forth. At least in our old apartments, I remember that. :sweat_smile:

My apartment is a complex with it’s own laundromat. The thing is that’s a small laundromat and the ones we go to is much bigger.

To answer the question, nah, we don’t have such a thing.

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Nope. The plumbing had to be changed entirely, plus I no longer live there anymore.

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That’s at least nice that it has its own—better if it’s close by. But yeah, the ones that are with the apartments are always small. Actual laundromats have bigger and better washers. Just more expensive. And it sucks that you have to travel there. I hated piling stuff in the car. Though while it’s a pain, it’s not too bad. Sometimes I actually enjoyed it because I’d bring a book with me—sometimes even my laptop—and use that time as an excuse to read or write. :sweat_smile:

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True, true! I am used to it, I suppose. LOL!