Does anyone want to ask me anything pertaining to my three novel projects?

I have three story projects that I am currently planning and plotting mentally and physically.
(I need to somewhat hurry and get started on them because I really need to see how the chapters will flow nicely if they do.)

I simply want to know what type of questions you all have for one of them or all three. I made this thread to better help me know that the hell I am doing.

I need to know if my stories really make sense or not
(Well, they make sense, but I am just cautious.)

Here are the three stories:

Renna (working title):
A story about a ridiculously human robot with the ability to wield magical powers moves from his country where he suffered discrimination and the loss of his father figure to move to another country where he suffer from more discrimination and other issues.

The House of Naivin:
Three siblings try to solve the mystery behind their parents’ death while a young woman who happens to be their half-sister wants to reunite with her father after the disappearance of her brother and death of her mother.

R.E.D Reign: Supremacy:
Two young women and five young men are in the fight of their lives as they strive to end a civil war that spiraled out of control and fight to prevent a global war from starting. However, they are somewhat powerless to stop it or so they all think.

Ask me anything pertaining to the stories, and I shall try my very best to answer them.



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All of them seem very epic in scale. Do the characters have any favorite animals?

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The Renna story sounds interesting! Are there other robots in this universe? If so, what makes the MC more human than them?


Yes, they are called Machina. There are four types of Machina ranging from your common robot to your ridiculously human android.

Ryker (my MC) was created solely by a genius Rhak (a mage with a very extended lifespan). There is only a very small percentage of Machina Level 4s that exist in the world of Llyria.


At the moment, no they don’t. That can change as soon as I get there.

Me trying not to be more focused on the world of Llyria than my own damn characters.


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You might want to consider taking a spirit animal test or something for them at this point.

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Thanks for that.

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I’m going to ask you an evil question: Which one is your most favorite? And why?

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In order from favorites to least favorite (but likeable).

  1. The House of Naivin: Why? Because originally it is the first anthology I have ever truly completed, and it has a place in my heart.

  2. Renna: Why again? Because I love the story ideas I’ve come up with for the novel and Ryker is going to be amazing once I flesh him out enough.

  3. RED Reign: Supremacy: This is just a third story that I really need to work on the most far as making thing make sense to me and making things right. It’s lacking, but has some potential to get better.

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Anyone else???

Imagine a genie that grants three wishes to the protagonist. Which story is best for that to happen if you were to put it in any one of your stories?

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I am going to go with Renna so that I can use Ryker.

Ryker’s three wishes:

  1. To end the discrimination that is plaguing the world.
  2. To see his father again. He really misses his father, Silas.
  3. To see the world/travel.
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Is this someone who has died or is just away? Because the genie can’t resurrect the dead.

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Died. Well, since you mentioned that I am going to have to change the second one to something else.

Number 2. Would be to find true happiness OR make a great long-lasting friendship.

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I think that’s doable for a genie :stuck_out_tongue:

Who in your books would want to have the power of a genie? They can ONLY grant wishes for others.

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This time I am going to use two characters from The House of Naivin

Nixora Dirrerry:

  1. To reunite with her older brother just to punch him in the face.
  2. To learn the truth about why her father abandoned the family.
  3. To find her purpose in life.

Kizaris Dirrerry:

  1. To kill his father for abandoning the family and lying.
  2. Overthrowing the monarchy that rule the world.
  3. Bring forth chaos to please his crazed ego.
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Good answers, but the wishes must be for others and not for themselves. I said, they would have the power of the genie and the thing about genies is that they don’t grant wishes for themselves.

One more try :grin:

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