Does failure or the thought of failing cripples you?

How do you feel about all your failures? Depending on the failures in throughout your life, how do you handle it?

Does failing at what brings you absolute joy, bring you to a terrible state of sadness?
Can you handle the failures that come to you? What about your success and great achievements?

Tell me all about what failure and failing means to you?
Thoughts and feelings?



Tell me about how you handle different types of failures and just failing overall?

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I’ve stumbled a lot but I’ve learned and grown from my failures. I’ve learned to not be afriad of failing, but I can’t get rid of the frustration I feel when I do fail.

Frustration is a feeling that is very intrisnsic to my life, in a way. It perfectly encapsulates how I often feel.


Now, this is a good way to look at failures and failing!
I honestly love how you handle things!

I do agree that trying to rid the frustration that comes with failing is not easy.
Yet, it’s a learning process for next time when you’re faced with the same failure on what to do when it happens again.

Either get frustrated or stand up and handle the failure with a different attitude?

Does that make sense or no?


Depends on the type of failing tbh. Most of the time I just go “oh well” and move on with my life because wallowing in self-pity sure as hell won’t help


Yeah, but in some cases the frustration makes me want to try again.


True, very true!

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Nope, I don’t worry about failing until it actually happens. Then I generally get angry, sulk for a few days, and then start again. (ノ`□´)ノ⌒ ┻━┻

What really bugs me is not so much my own failures, but rather the success of people who are objectively less talented than me. Oooh, that infuriates me! But I don’t see what can be done about that, so I just sulk for a few days more, then try, try again. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Depends on the type of failure for me

Like if I fail at something I like or really wanted to accomplish then I do feel down, sad, and frustrated for a time (could be hours, sometimes a day or two). So far I’ve been able to bounce back, especially after reminding myself (or have someone else tell me) that its not the end of the world if I fail.

If its something I consider not important, then its more like “Oh well, no biggie” and move on


Well it depends on the types of failures. I’m not getting a ton of reads right now. That’s a failure. But at the same time, I’ve finished stories. That’s not a failure. So I don’t worry much about the getting readers and write what I want.

Now, if you’re talking about the failure to conquer my stage fright? I was on the stage from about 12-24 years of age. I’m done with that part of my life. I don’t want to be on stage. The failure is of something I don’t have a passion for.

Now, I have a passion for singing, but that is being vented in writing, for now.


Interesting coping mechanism…

No… I mean, yeah I get a little low and upset, but then I focus on what went wrong and address it…


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The thought of failing gives me anxiety.

I have a terrible fear of failure, and when I know I’ll fail, I go into a deep depression. Or when the anxiety gets too hard, I’ll also go into depression.

No, I can’t. But I try to push through it because trying is better than not trying.

The problem with my crippling mentality is that I focus too much on what I don’t succeed. It’s stupid, I know, but I overthink with every piece of failure or problem I encounter, and then once an achievement or piece of success happens (which rarely happens), I go “yay” and then I’m back to being depressed. :sweat_smile:


I used to be like you! Then I developed a terminal case of don’t-give-a-damn, and my life’s been a lot happier since. (>‿◠):v:

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