Does failure or the thought of failing cripples your main character or any of your characters?

How does your MC or any character feel about all their failures? Depending on the failures in throughout their life, how do they handle it?

Does failing at what brings your character absolute joy, give them a terrible state of sadness?
Can your character handle the failures that come to them? What about their successes and great achievements?

Tell me all about what failure and failing means to your character?
Thoughts and feelings?

NOTE: Like the other thread, but more fitting to your characters. Have fun, everybody.




In the words of Bloodywood:

I may fall, but I’ll risk it to fly
Because I would hit the ground just to kiss the sky!

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Well, I have to let them speak for themselves for this, because you’re asking my characters how they feel about things. I can’t speak for them:

Marvin: Eats some pasta and yawns

Julio: Ayo the last words my Dad said to me were ‘Son, I am dissapoint…’ and he wasn’t wrong.

Max: Failures are just botched successes

Ricky: Failure? What’s that?

Troy: Never failed once…

Most of them handle it very well and pick themselves up again. Move on.

For the rest of the questions, you’d have to ask them all individually.


Honestly, it depends on the fail, the severity of the fail and the consequences. But fir the most part, they all usually bounce back eventually


Sure. Sometimes I cover it extensively.


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