Does the fictional nation(s) in your story have a tourist attraction or that one famous national landmark?

Well, does anyone here have that?
I am generally curious to know.

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The only landmark and tourist attraction in Jaeblia is the Grand Fountain in the capital city.

There are others, but I haven’t gotten that far.

The capital cities are considered landmarks, the coastal Temple is considered a landmark, the Great Lake is considered a landmark. There are quite a few

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I want to see and travel there to snap pics like a fun little tourist.
Probably die depending on the location and if I can breathe there…


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Breathing is no problem unless you pay a visit to Voliabyi. It’s a bit toxic depending on your species but there are air shields supplied. Ariuma is underwater so it can be a bit freaky the first time but it has a giant air shield over the city. Iraylia which floats . . . that depends on how high your species can go before breathing is a problem. But Lapide, Kiloqua and Subreai are all fine. Those are the six capitals btw

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Where’s the one that humans can thrive that isn’t earth?

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I mean, technically Humans can thrive in all those cities. Also none of them are on Earth

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Angel Falls is a city I made up based in South California near the border.

It has a large angel statue that glows at night to commemorate its founder being guided by a “bright light” to settle there.

It also has a red rock sculpture in the hills surrounding it carved from it but my favorite one is the lowrider made out of scrap metal that actually moves up and down. Domingo made it to commemorate the local automobile industry.

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Actually, I remembered today that Elgana does have a landmark. The High Collection Headquarters is a sight to see. The buildings are shaped like HCH with the C a small object between the "H"s that light up at night.

Quite pretty.

In Paws Chase Murder Case, Halfhuman Scotch goes by there on train and wows at it with his friend Mason.

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That sounds really cool. I love the whole HCH thing. I kinda want to do that with the Knighthood Federation Headquarters.

SIDE NOTE: I have answered your questions and you can ask me more since I asked a bit in the Lunar Hearts, Shadow Bound thread.


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Movaria is a winter country where it snows all year around has a beautiful statue dedicated to their famous yet legendary Queen Jayla who not only found the nation, but save the nation countless times when it came became a target of other countries, who would have love to claim Movaria as their on.

She died a heroic legend leaving on a legacy of strong capable leaders that eventually ended several decades ago.

Now, the nation is an elective monarchy, but the statue still stands tall in the capital city.

Movaria was originally a queendom, but she made it a kingdom when her eldest son came to power and it’s been that way since.


Not a tourist attraction (the country is a reclusive place and do not allow immigration/outsiders to enter, not even to visit), but a notable landmark is Frostburnia, previously known as “Dead Land” and currently known as “Forbidden Land”.

Basically: in this world, there are specific places that are completely void of magic due to some kind of blockage. Frostburnia was one of those places, until that blockage left. Now, it’s a place of intense magical energy and holds several barriers/portals that allow demons to enter through.

A wall was built around that area to try and condense the issue. Beast Hunters and sanctioned magic users occasionally cross over to reduce population and put-up wards to reduce the number of demons passing through these portals. This worked efficiently and kept people safe, until other circumstances led it to be EXTREMELY dangerous.

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