Does your main character share a birthday with...

a fictional character or a someone you know?!

If not, that is alright too!
Also, more points if your main character shares a birth month with you, but not birthday!


If you have more than one main character, list them down and the same rules apply!

i don’t give my characters birthdates anymore ¯_(ツ)_/¯ there was a brief period years ago when i was trying to make super detailed character files and assigned some actual birthdates, but i have never ever used that information. The only one i sort of remember is the kamikaze twins’. They have a June birthday because I wanted them to be geminis. because i’m just super creative like that (holds up sarcasm sign)

i do know a gemini though…


That makes sense.
I don’t even remember or not if I have ever made a MC who shares the same birthday as my favorite fictional character or someone I know.

On my fictional world of Llyria, there are either thirteen or fourteen months that aren’t that relevant to the story…yet.

The months are totally made up by the way!

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ohh that’s another thing! if you’re writing high fantasy or scifi the dates might not even line up. like, the twins aren’t from earth and the place they’re from runs on a different clock entirely so there’s absolutely no reason they should have earth birthdays :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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True, very true!

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One of my characters shares his birthday with my cat.

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Aww, how purrfect!

Yeah, I know, bad pun. You can give me weird looks later.

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All I know is vague seasons that my characters are born in. Blue feline Pinti is the spring, lion girl Sovanna is early summer, half fox half human Scotch is mid summer, Sorcerer Cypur is autumn or winter, and thief Kaiver is idk when.

I used to have a story (a non-Elgana story) where I detailed every birth date out but quickly realized how confusing it could get, so I decided to not bother in future stories. The exact date has never been important to the plot in any of my stories. If it’s not important, I usually don’t even bother coming up with that part of world building :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would never intentionally do that: 1, I don’t remember people’s birthdays. 2, I don’t want people thinking it’s about them.

But it’s probably a good idea to make sure a spoof lines up.

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