Earth and Alagossia had a baby, I need names for their love child...

I have been working on Alagossia for a LONG while even when it was called other names. I am still working on my planet, but now I want to branch out a bit and do some stories on a brand new fictional world/planet/realm. It is similar to Alagossia a bit.

The general idea for the new planet:

  1. Superpowers are extremely common. There used to be magic in the olden days, but as time progress and changed so did the magical powers. Not being born with superhuman powers is truly uncommon and pretty much unheard of.

  2. Technology is the same on Earth depending which country you go to. Only thing is that it’s a bit better.

  3. Governments are a healthy balance of monarchies and republics or even something else.

  4. There is no group or one person ruling the entire world. It is ruled by the entire civilization.

  5. The planet is heavily populated by human beings with extraordinary superhuman abilities and skills that an ordinary powerless human being can never, ever achieve.

  6. The planet is the love child of Earth and Alagossia.

That is all I got. I need names for this world.
I shall return shortly.

Any thoughts?

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EDIT: I got a name.

Meet the child of Alagossia and Earth, named Elvarth.

Also, I need to come up with a new story set in this brand new fictional world.

I have a few slight ideas.