Enable Chat Request

Have you seen the cool new chat feature we have enabled for topics and categories? Want to enable that for one of your topics? Here are the guidelines for requesting chat be enabled on your topic!

In Chatters

  • Your topic must have a minimum of 250 replies before we can enable chat. This is to cut down on the number of simultaneous channels active and to focus fast chat on topics that have already generated discussion. If your topic doesn’t meet this minimum, check around to see if there’s another topic that’s similar, or start a discussion in the general “Chatters” channel.

In Writing Support

  • Your topic must have a minimum of 100 replies to enable chat in this category. If your topic doesn’t meet this minimum, check around to see if there’s another topic that’s similar, or start a discussion in the general “Writing Support” channel.

In Roleplaying/Games

  • These topics can be enabled on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you have a roleplaying thread that has strict reply guidelines, but want/need chat enabled for “side conversation” regarding the roleplay, you can request we enable chat for your thread. We will review your request based on the thread history, number of replies, and game type.

How to Request:

  • For Chatters and Writing Support, simply add a link to the thread you want enabled on THIS TOPIC. If it meets our minimum reply threshold, we’ll turn it on for you.
  • For Roleplaying/Games, add a link to the thread you want enabled to this topic, as well as a brief description of why you need chat enabled on your game. We don’t have a specific reply threshold that needs to exist, but we do want to have some context for what you’ll use it for.

That’s it! We reserve the right to deny a request for reasons that may violate our Code of Conduct or if there are any concerns re: space/the number of channels similar to your topic request, but we want to encourage discussion and conversation, so let us know what topics need this extra option!

CJ :wackywriters:


After a suggestion from the mods, we’re going to allow fast chats on personal threads! Just please keep the main thread topic OP-only. If you’d like fast chat turned on for your PT, just post it here!



Please, enable for:


Please, I know that @NotARussianBot likes to add comments.

I turned it on for this thread a few days ago! :blush: just scroll to the bottom and instead of clicking “reply,” click “chat” :slight_smile:

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I am dim, but I only see Reply…

I’ll go look right now!

Also you’re not dim :joy:

There might have been a permissions issue? Can you refresh the topic and let me know if you see it now?

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Here’s a list of current chat channels we have. I’ll see if there’s a more prominent place to display this page.

I see it now! Thank you.

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Could you turn chat on for this thread?

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Done! :purple_heart:

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Hello, can I have chats enabled on these threads please?


Done! I reopened your insomniac chatter thread too.

I didn’t even realise it was closed oof

Thank you! :heart:

aww can I have it enabled here too, pls



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Done! :blush:

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