Exactly, how many chapters does an epic science-fiction or fantasy novel have, in standard?

I am a bit curious.

I know it depends solely on the writer and is the story calls for it.

Like, I wanted to give Red Reign’s first book fifty-five chapters, but I don’t want it to drag yet don’t want to stop so quickly.

I am going add more novels in the Red Reign series.
I don’t want to rush things because that is NEVER a good thing in writing, but I don’t want to drag a story regardless if I making it how ever how many books long.

Does it makes sense to ask such a thing?
What do you think overall?

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It’s more word count than chapter. 100K for epic, isn’t it?


Yeah, I suppose.

I need to know exactly how many words I have by parts in total now.
Each part has five chapters and I am only part 3, chapter thirteen with two chapters left for part 3.

I am going to see now. Thanks for answering.

They don’t go off by chapters, but by words. 110K+ words is, according to Google, the minimum amount for an epic, with some gearing toward 125K. Some epics, like Game of Thrones, are 300,000+ words.

If you’re interested in knowing the average amount of chapters, I’d recommend looking at specific books within your plot area or genre and then see how many chapters they all have and come up with an average count. :wink:


So, it does go by words only, instead of chapters.

Right now, I am at 30,407 words and counting while at chapter thirteen.

Each chapter is in the 2k-3k range far as the ones I’ve written.
So, 55 chapters with over 2k-3k will make it over 100k long in words.


Indeed. Everything is by words counted because you can have a story that has 100,000 words and five chapters, or a story with 100 chapters with only 10,000 words. Less words means shorter story. More words means longer story. Epics are considered long stories, though they may not always be “epic” in terms of entertainment wise lol.


There isn’t a chapter limit but the standard word count is 100,000 - 115,000. Chapter limits aren’t actually a thing because you can have three word chapters