Fav TV Shows

I’m curious. Tell me your top 5 favorite shows/series of all time! (and if you have more, give me your top 10 for fun!)

Here are my top 10:

  1. The Vampire Diaries
  2. Once Upon A Time
  3. Ninjago
  4. Happy Days
  5. Transformers Prime
  6. Miraculous Ladybug
  7. The Originals
  8. The Middle
  9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  10. Lost

These are my current ones!

  1. Miraculous Ladybug
  2. Animal Control
  3. Henry Danger
  4. The Way Home
  5. Gravity Falls
  6. The Owl House
  7. Gabby Duran and the Unsittables
  8. Power Hour
  9. 9-1-1/9-1-1: Lone Star
  10. Mama’s Family

I like a lot more shows tbh, but these are the main ones I think ^u^


I love Miraculous Ladybug and Mama’s Family! I have Gravity Falls, 9-1-1, and 9-1-1: Lone Star on my bucket list!

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Hey, I like these too!

My other favorites are:

  1. Full House
  2. iCarly
  3. Dog with a Blog
  4. Knight Squad
  5. I am Frankie
  6. The Thundermans
  7. Austin and Ally
  8. Good Luck Charlie

Heyyy nice! If you like drama and supernatural stuff, you won’t be disappointed (one for GF and one for the others lol) :wink:

Dude ML is so good rn, I just wish it would come back already XD And I mean Mama’s Family is such a classic haha, I like a lot of shows that are older than I am tbh

My friend recommended Full House to me. I’ve finally decided to give it a try one day lol


Ahhhhh awesome! I can’t wait for TWH season 3 next year :grin:
And I’ve been watching Henry Danger every chance I get XD I need to get it on DVD so I can binge it tbh.

Those are some good picks! I’ve seen FH, although it’s not my absolute favorite. I like iCarly, but btwn that and Victorious, I’d pick Victorious lol. I didn’t watch much of Knight Squad or I Am Frankie, but I’ve heard that they were good! Did you know that the girl who played Frankie is in TWH as young Kat??? I thought that was so cool even though I never watched Frankie!

I love The Thundermans and Austin and Ally too, although I didn’t appreciate them until they were ending XD I also loved the movie that recently came out for the first one! I looooved Dog with a Blog when it was on, omg :smiling_face_with_tear: And GLC too. I was so into Disney Channel at that time, now I’m more into Nickelodeon haha

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  1. Dark Angel
  2. (Wayback call) Emergency
  3. 911 (as a nostalgia trip for number 2)
  4. Fringe
  5. X-files
  6. Gargoyles
  7. (Another way back call) The original 1978/9 Battlestar Galactica
  8. Project Blue Book (Currently listed as Project UFO)
  9. G-Force
  10. G1 Transformers

BTW this is in no particular order of preference just writing what came to mind.


Father Ted…

A ridiculous British comedy that pokes fun at the Catholic Church in ways that are just crazy. Sometimes just plain odd, and quite frankly stupid. But you can’t help nut laugh.

Can’t think of anything else that I have adhered to of late…


I’ve tried to narrow it down. This is harder than I thought.

  1. Shōgun (2024)
  2. It’s a Sin
  3. Fleabag
  4. The OA
  5. Schitt’s Creek
  6. Xena: Warrior Princess
  7. Happy Valley
  8. Over the Garden Wall
  9. Daredevil
  10. Flowers
  1. True Blood
  2. American Horror Story
  3. Reign
  4. Scream
  5. Harlots
  6. Futurama
  7. Trailer Park Boys
  8. Game of Thrones
  9. The Exorcist
  10. Vikings

It was sooo hard figuring out 10 shows I’ve watched xD

  1. Arthdal Chronicles
  2. All of Us Are Dead
  3. Sweet Home
  4. Alice in Borderlands
  5. Star Wars Rebels
  6. Miraculous Ladybug
  7. Ahsoka
  8. Dragon Prince
  9. The Last Airbender
  10. Warrior Nun
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Heyyy another Ladybug fan! <3

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  1. BBC’s Sherlock
  2. Good Omens
  3. Helluva boss
  4. Did I mention Sherlock?

that’s it :joy: I don’t watch much.

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  • Dead Boy Detectives / The Sandman

  • The Order (2019)

  • Helluva Boss

  • One Piece (2023)

  • Arthdal Chronicles

  • Teen Titans (2003)

  • Our Flag Means Death

  • Good Omens

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • The Mentalist / Psych


i watch too much tv for my own good, so this should be pretty easy.

  1. Bones
  2. Stargate SG1 + Atlantis
  3. Bee and Puppycat
  4. Bob’s Burgers
  5. Doctor Who
  6. Dungeon Meshi
  7. Maid
  8. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  9. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
  10. House M.D.

i have too many to count but i’ll come back later with my favourites! they change almost every month though :sob:

I didn’t know that :eyes: that is cool

I cried probably too much when they ended-

I need to watch that

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honestly I don’t remember watching the Thundermans finale, but I definitely cried at A&A… also the Henry Danger ending also came when I hadn’t appreciated it yet tbh-

y e s it was so cool seeing everyone older!

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Arthdal Chronicles!!!

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