Favorite Childhood Game

Random, but what was your favorite game to play as a child?

I had a few… Most of which could probably not be played today for fear of “someone poking their eye out” - but let me tell you, Red Rover was fun!


Pleass translate for a non-American :joy:

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which part? XD

Red Rover: a children’s game in which two teams, some distance apart, face each other and take turns designating an opposing player to run toward their line. Any player who fails to break through their clasped hands becomes a member of that team.


I actually liked dodgeball. I was a borderline atheltic kid (my heart wasnt in it), so being hit in the face was nothing.

4-square, kickball, cabbage ball, volleball, ghost in the graveyard…

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what is that :eyes:

I know these 3 XD

Oh that is brilliant :joy::joy::joy:

We had that too and were playing it a lot, but here it’s called “country, country, we want soldiers” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Because when it came to designating that player, one team would call out: country, country, we want soldiers!

The other team would yell: whom??

And then the team would choose a “soldier” to either break through or join their ranks :joy: Where does Red Rover come from for you, I wonder


no clue! but we used to yell “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (person’s name) over!”

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It’s hide-and-seek/tag, often at night. I’m sure there are variations.

There was also these 4-wheeled wooden boards that we would crabwalk on. I loved those things. No idea what that was called, but it was more fun than the dang parachute.


Thank you, Wikipedia! :joy:

" According to Katherine Barber, the name of the game could be based on the novel of The Red Rover by New York author James Fenimore Cooper. It should be of no surprise that – for a chasing game – children prefer the name of a pirate[5] who ravages the British seas.[6]"

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We used to call that Ninja!

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lol love how the children were like not cool enough xD

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Its real fun in the early nights in the Midwest. Get out of a church service around 7pm, and it’s dark as heck.

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sounds like you may have had some deadly cornfields…

Iowa. Deadly pig farms, too.

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Its why I know you gotta crush the skull if you want them to finish it off.

…how did we get to killing pigs?

No, that’s for disposing bodies to pigs.

Killing them is probably done by bolt gun, like for cows. I could ask my dad as he used to process meat.

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Was a shy kid with no friends in the neighborhood (no kids none my age lived near) who preferred to play make believe with stuffed animals.

But when I did do games, it was mostly with my mom or grandparents.

Scrabble. Go Fish. That game where you put all the playing cards upside down and have to flip them over and find the pairs. Monopoly. Othello (do you guys know this?)

And there’s this card game where you line up the 7s in one vertical line and take turns with the other players to fill in the numbers horizontally in order. You can withhold cards so the other players can’t play their cards. You go on like that and the first to ditch all their cards wins.

Oh, I was hooked on Tetris when I found it and got my first electronic little game thingy that had Tetris, Othello, and something else on it.

I didn’t do lots of running around games. I wasn’t invited or had friends to do it with. And I was SUPER shy.


What’s this? Sounds kind of familiar.

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